dirty stock

Dirty stock

A stock that fails to fulfill prerequisites to attain good delivery status.

Dirty Stock

A stock that cannot be transferred, especially because of improperly filed paperwork or another fairly innocuous reason. In other words, the delivery of a dirty stock is only stopped by legal and/or regulatory rules. See also: Good delivery.

dirty stock

A security that is not in deliverable form for transfer. For example, a certificate may not be endorsed properly.
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But dirty stock can also impact the financial return to the producer, as contaminated meat is trimmed away, reducing the weight of the carcase and therefore the price paid.
He is drawn into a dirty stock scheme by an executive (Paul Newman) and triumphs in spite of--or perhaps because of--his idiocy.
"It is our experience that during the entire period of Northern franchise, not only have passengers been promised new rolling stock, but those travelling from Slaithwaite and Marsden have had to suffer the most broken down, ruined, leaking and dirty stock in the country."