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Informal for a debt security issued by the United States government, as opposed to one of its agencies. Perhaps the most prominent example of a direct security is a U.S. Treasury security. Direct securities are considered risk-free because they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

direct (federal) government obligation

A debt that is backed by the full taxing power of the U.S. government. Direct obligations include Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and U.S. savings bonds. These investments are generally considered to be of the very highest quality. See also federal agency security.
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Westerners who value frankness and directness could interpret polite and indirect answers as dishonesty.
What defense lawyers are going to have, not only in the 6th Circuit but across the country, is the ability to point to a very respected court of appeals ruling that directness is part of proximate cause," Adler says.
Yes, you really did read a Foster's Daily Democrat article about Governor Lynch's recent appearance at the Greater Portsmouth Chamber of Commerce that began with the words describing Lynch as "known for his directness.
He brought to this beguilingly beautiful piece the virtuosity that you expect of a player held in such high regard, but there was also intelligence, poise and an ability to tap into the emotions with spellbinding directness.
A half-Swedish American, she has a fatalistic directness that Will expertly counters during their verbal sparring matches.
Once again, Sou Fujimoto has succeeded where so many other architects fail; namely in carrying off apparently simple solutions with unswerving directness, commitment and exquisite mastery.
Their directness, linear elegance, compositional strength, and tonal richness so impressed and inspired Cassatt that she turned to printmaking.
The purity of her line, the directness of her gesture, the clarity of her articulation, the vulnerability with which she permits the music to engulf her limbs, and the sheer naturalness of her demeanor--all betoken the guilelessness of this country at its finest.
Although Hirschhorn's opposition of figurative evisceration and abstract healing risks extreme simplification in its stark dichotomy, his directness is bracing.
Throwbacks: selected Poems is an collection of thirty-seven poems by James Bobrick that share the common hallmarks of elegance, wit, and an occasionally disturbing directness.
Lundy presents an impressive voice in these poems, unique in its combination of simplicity, directness and honest tone while embracing a primitive divinity, a natural world of acknowledged power and mystery.
The directness, boldness, and honesty with which Cleo tells her story may surprise some readers, and others may welcome its realism.

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