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  1. EUROPEAN UNION Directives which EU member states are required to incorporate into their own legislation. For example, The Fourth Directive introduced standardized formats for presenting company accounts; the Seventh Directive tightened up the requirements relating to group accounts; the Eighth Directive dealt with the qualifications of auditors.
  2. a request' by the monetary authorities that the COMMERCIAL BANKS and other financial institutions should limit the amount of LOANS and OVERDRAFTS they make available, in order to control spending in the economy. See MONETARY POLICY for further details.

directive (bank)

an instrument of MONETARY POLICY involving the control of bank lending as a means of regulating the MONEY SUPPLY. If, for example, the monetary authorities wish to lower the money supply, they can ‘direct’ the banks to reduce the total amount of loan finance made available to personal and corporate borrowers. A reduction in bank lending can be expected to lead to a multiple contraction of bank deposits and, hence, a fall in the money supply. See BANK DEPOSIT CREATION.
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Furthermore, the analysis of information provided on a monthly basis under the 'Compliance Report on AML Directive on Insurers' also disclosed non-compliance with the directive by the few life insurers including not effectively carrying out CDD/KYC and risk profiling of the customers.
The modification of the directive by the Reserve Bank should per se not be construed as improvement or deterioration in the financial position of the bank.
5 kilometres or thereby west of Ardgarten, Argyll is: (a) not a project which falls within Annex I of Council Directive No.
Does the directive say anything about the delivery of goods?
Nearly half the parents in the study were interested in creating an advance directive for their child.
It includes two directives concerning common rules for the internal market for gas (Directive 2009/73/EC) and electricity (Directive 2009/72/EC).
The Directives had to be transposed by the Member States by 3 March 2011.
The plan was to provide information education and training on the HCDA and its new amendments, on the resulting new advance directive forms, and on the process of one-on-one structured facilitation developed at Duke, to CSB mental health case managers and their supervisors and to consumer advocates.
In order for the many products now covered by the directive to bear CE-marking (http://www.
People who are familiar with the previous Directive will appreciate the way the guide highlights the changes from the old Directive.
When the Medical Devices Directive (MDD) was published in mid-June 1993, Article 22 provided for a transition period.
In response to the concern for hazardous waste in discarded electronic or electrical devices, and a growth rate for E/E equipment waste projected to be three to five times that of average municipal waste, the European Union created the Waste Electrical and Electronics Equipment (WEEE) Directive 2002/96/EC.

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