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Informal for a debt security issued by the United States government, as opposed to one of its agencies. Perhaps the most prominent example of a direct security is a U.S. Treasury security. Direct securities are considered risk-free because they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.
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direct (federal) government obligation

A debt that is backed by the full taxing power of the U.S. government. Direct obligations include Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and U.S. savings bonds. These investments are generally considered to be of the very highest quality. See also federal agency security.
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Staggering feebly and hopelessly from what must have been some very terrible fate, if one could judge from the horrified expressions he continually cast behind him toward the wood, he came stumbling on in my direction.
For the absurdity must continually stare us in the face of confiding to a government the direction of the most essential national interests, without daring to trust it to the authorities which are indispensible to their proper and efficient management.
It also included constructing ramps to ensure a smooth flow of traffic from Expo Road northward to Sheikh Zayed bin Hamdan Al Nahyan Street in the direction of Dubai-Al Ain Road.
Works completed included transforming a signalized junction into a flyover to increase the street capacity from 3,000 vehicles to 10,000 vehicles per hour in the East-West direction of Al Yalayes Street.
After a survey of how Echo is treated in several non-dramatic works, Lewis turns to the stage direction quoted in her title, claiming that its 'ambiguity...
The September 2018 survey found that 75 percent of adult Filipinos believe the country is in the 'right direction.' Only 22 percent said the country is in the 'wrong direction.' The remaining 3 percent did not give an answer.
In this paper, monostatic and bistatic RCS is analyzed depending on the polarization and direction of the incident wave in a frequency.
Mary's Road: - (a) south west side, from its junction with Garston Way in a south easterly direction to a point coincident with the extended south eastern junction with Darby Grove; & (b) north east side, from a point 2m north west of its junction with Darby Grove, in a south easterly direction to a point 5.7m south east of said junction.
By deleting the following from Schedule 2.70 No Waiting Monday to Friday 8am-9.30am and 2.30pm-4pm Ravensworth Avenue South side from a point 55 metres east of its junction with Lime Road for a distance of 30 metres in an easterly direction.
The copying process always happens in a "forward" direction, from one particular end to the other.
In another master direction, a compilation which consolidates instructions on rules and regulations framed by the RBI under various Acts, including banking issues and foreign exchange transactions, the central bank provided direction for issue and pricing of shares by private sector banks.

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