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One who gives property or assets to someone else through the vehicle of a trust.


A person or institution who gives assets to another person or institution, either directly or through a trust. Under most circumstances, donors can deduct the value (or depreciated value) of the assets given from their taxable income. While many donors give out of the goodness of their hearts, many do so in order to avoid taxes, especially when donating through a trust.


One who gives a gift.

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Another topical issue regarding the safety of directed donor blood relates to the risk of graft-versus-host disease when patients who receive blood share an HLA haplotype with an HLA-homozygous blood donor.
Depending on the approach used in setting up a program, directed-donor blood may be as safe as volunteer homologous blood (from directed donors who have previously served as volunteer donors) or less safe than volunteer homologous blood (from first-time directed donors).
Infectious disease markers in directed donors in the Atlanta region.

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