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Informal for a debt security issued by the United States government, as opposed to one of its agencies. Perhaps the most prominent example of a direct security is a U.S. Treasury security. Direct securities are considered risk-free because they are guaranteed by the full faith and credit of the United States government.

direct (federal) government obligation

A debt that is backed by the full taxing power of the U.S. government. Direct obligations include Treasury bills, Treasury bonds, and U.S. savings bonds. These investments are generally considered to be of the very highest quality. See also federal agency security.
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The new contract in Tennessee, along with the five other direct supervision contracts, are the direct result of BI's unique ability to deliver a broad array of privatized corrections services in partnership with our government agency customers," said David Hunter, President and Chief Executive Officer.
97) Supplies may be used by employees performing any of the three categories of qualified services (qualified research, direct supervision, and direct support).
It is developing a new program on the administrator's role in ensuring that direct supervision principles are fully integrated into the design and operation of the jail.
The campaign started under the direct supervision of Prince Ahmad bin Abdulaziz, the interior minister.
The spokesman further added that the new dynamic team comprising high class professionals would undertake this project under the direct supervision of Sadruddin Hashwani.
Direct supervision housing units, staffed by officers trained in interpersonal communication skills, have replaced catwalks, cellblock tiers and "turnkeys.
For the next year, Albert is not under direct supervision by a probation officer, but he must continue to receive counseling, and the judge will check periodically on his progress.
He also assumed responsibility for the Commercial Loan Department, which included management of outstanding loans and direct supervision of at least a dozen lending officers and support staff.
where he was responsible for business development, operational planning, and direct supervision of the engineering, geo-science, and land departments.
Under the direct supervision of the Communication Specialist for Education and Gender Equality, and working closely with the other team and section members, the consultant will provide project assistance to various education priorities as well as administrative support to the CEGE group.
Immediately prior to a meeting of the Minnesota Board of Dentistry (MnBD), ADAA President Breen was asked for a letter of support from the ADAA Legislative Council and ADAA Board of Trustees for adding the function of placement of retraction cord under direct supervision to the approved list of functions for the CDA.
Beirut, Jumada II 16, 1434, Apr 26, 2013, SPA -- The Saudi national campaign for Relieving Syrian Brethren, set up upon directives of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz and working under direct supervision of Prince Mohammed bin Naif bin Abdulaziz, Minister of Interior, has distributed sizable relief items over Syrian refugees in the Lebanese Biq city of Blabak.

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