direct paper

Direct paper

Commercial paper sold directly by the issuer to investors.

Direct Paper

Commercial paper issued by a company to an investor without the use of a dealer to intermediate the transaction. Commercial paper is a short-term debt security. Direct paper describes one way a company may issue it. See also: Dealer paper.

direct paper

Commercial paper sold directly by issuers to individual investors without the use of an intermediary. This method is most often used by finance companies such as General Motors Acceptance Corporation. Compare dealer paper.
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Van Leer had been producing diffractive metallised papers using a transfer process, but Dennison had developed a direct paper hologram embossing method, and Van Leer's acquisition announcement referred to Dennison's 'highly acclaimed holographic products' and plans to integrate them in to its European operation, suggesting that it would be setting up productior of holographic paper at its Welsh facilities.
For example, If transmitted and Direct Paper accepted (by 11:00 a.
Recounts are easy--by definition, there's a direct paper trail for every vote.
A direct paper path reduces paper jams, saves time and thus increases productivity.
This could mean a savings of more than $80,000 in direct paper costs.
The event provided researchers with the opportunity to discuss the benefits and attributes of Synchrony[R], the company's dual optic intraocular lens (IOL), through four direct paper presentations and three additional talks in which their research was presented.
The printing technology is outstanding, right down to the MFPs' ability to register, plus a direct paper path that doesn't loop back through the machine," a feature that Slawetsky said tremendously increases paper-feeding reliability.
As the cost of direct paper mail solicitation continues to grow, nonprofits are seeking better alternatives to increase fund-raising efforts and bring awareness to their cause.
Ryan has over thirty years of direct paper industry experience.
to supply first run mill direct paper for Chronicle's newsprint and other premium offset paper needs.