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The Chinese economy has a savings and investment rate roughly double India's, attracts annually more than ten times the foreign direct investment, and is twice as open as India's.
NEW FOREIGN DIRECT INVESTMENT BY INDUSTRY, 2004 Finance and insurance 48% Other 21% Manufacturing 22% Retail and wholesale trade 5% Information 4% Note: Table made from pie chart.
By sector, foreign direct investment in Japanese manufacturers declined 40.
Yet in recent years, China has attracted more than ten times as much foreign direct investment capital as India.
exports to and foreign direct investment in individual countries and the level of economic freedom in those countries.
The balance on direct investment income rebounded last year, increasing nearly $14 billion after declining $1 1 billion in 1994 (table 8).
According to the Japanese Ministry of Finance, the outstanding balance of Japanese direct investments by the private sector-all non-financial transactions, such as real estate investments-totaled $154 billion at the end of 1989.
In contrast to Japan, 37 percent of direct investment from European Community countries was in manufacturing.
Investors are significantly more interested in diversifying portfolios with products that yield dividends while insulating against volatility, such as Direct Investments, today than in 2011.
The net inflows of foreign direct investments to the country in 2017 stand in contrast with the net outflows of portfolio funds for the same period with amounted to $205 million - a phenomenon that has continued during the first two months of 2018.
Detailed statistics on outward direct investment positions and related financial transactions and income inflows for 1982-2016 are also available on BEA's Web site.
Foreign direct investment in Bulgaria for February 2014 increased by EUR 41.

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