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On a bond transaction table, an abbreviation indicating that a bond was issued at a deep discount.


Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indentify a bond as a deep-discount bond: WMX dc2s05.
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com/ ), North American Direct Current and Universal Fractional Horsepower Motors Markets, reveals that the market earned revenues of $4.
DC Power System Design for Telecommunications describes how to design direct current power systems for telecommunications applications.
TSX VENTURE:SBX), on behalf of its affiliated subsidiary, Sea Breeze Victoria Converter Corporation ("Sea Breeze Victoria") announces its decision to withdraw its application for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity ("CPCN Application") to construct a 550 MW direct current submarine transmission cable between Greater Vancouver and Greater Victoria on Vancouver Island, which is presently before the British Columbia Utilities Commission.
The direct current equipment would be completed in 2013 and the transformers during the following year.
Technipower provides high value added, precision, direct current power supplies and power supply systems for applications where high reliability and ruggedness are critical.
The 800-kilovolt (kV) ultra-high-voltage direct current (UHVDC) transmission connection will transport clean hydropower over a distance of 1,670 kilometers, from Yibin in Sichuan province in southwest China to Zhejiang province on the east coast.
Dataprobe, a leading manufacturer of innovative technology solutions for networking, systems and site management, has released a direct current (DC) version of its iBoot remote power solution.
JCM Capital (JCM) announced that it has closed development financing for an underwater high-voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission project with Lake Erie Power Corp.
5913, the Service Repair Electric Motors Direct Current traction and Small Rotating Machinery direct current divided into 2 lots:
As per the contract, Petrofac will build and install the BorWin3 platform, which will accomodate a Siemens high voltage direct current (HVDC) station.

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