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On a bond transaction table, an abbreviation indicating that a bond was issued at a deep discount.
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Used in bond transaction tables in newspapers to indentify a bond as a deep-discount bond: WMX dc2s05.
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It is inferred that the GS-VSC with proposed PIPSO based direct current vector control strategy can efficiently control the DC-link voltage during solar insolation variation.
It is also Pakistan's first project based on direct current (DC).
Transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS) is a non-invasion brain stimulation which has been suggested as a safe and promising treatment for antipsychotic-refractory auditory hallucinations in patients with schizophrenia.
Recently, however, the applications of direct current are growing in terms of both their number as well as their diversity.
The only type of current suitable for this is a simple direct current, as alternating current with its continually changing direction would not give the required direct passage of ions with specific polarities
PathMaker Neurosystems is a clinical-stage neuromodulation company founded to commercialise recent breakthrough advances in the development and clinical application of trans-spinal direct current stimulation (tsDCS) for patients with neuromotor disorders.
Edison not wanting to lose the royalties he was earning from his direct current patents began a campaign to discredit alternating current.
Dubai: Drydocks World, the world renowned international service provider to the maritime, oil, gas, and energy sectors, has signed an agreement with Petrofac to build the BorWin3 high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter platform in the North Sea, named BorWin gamma.
Deployment of the solutions across Warid's network has already begun, with 200 DC (direct current) air-conditioners being installed.
This study develops the thermoelectric chiller driven by solar cell in daytime and direct current (DC) source in cloudy days or nighttime.
"Electricity will tomorrow begin to flow from India to Bangladesh through a new transmission line, marking South Asia's first-ever high voltage direct current (HVDC) interconnection between two countries," the Asian Development Bank (ADB), which has part financed the project.
Extruded cable for high voltage direct current transmission; advances in research and development.

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