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Slight drop in securities prices after a sustained uptrend. Analysts often advise investors to buy on dips, meaning to buy when a price is momentarily weak. See: Correction, break, crash.


A small decrease in a security's price after a significant uptrend. Some investment advisers and technical analysts recommend buying after a dip if there are signals that the uptrend will continue afterwards. However, it is sometimes difficult to determine whether a dip is temporary or if it is the beginning of a trend reversal.


A small, short decline in a variable such as the price of a security or interest rates. A broker may advise a customer to accumulate a particular stock on dips. When the security begins declining in price, it is difficult to know if the decline is just a dip or if it is the initial step in a more substantial price reduction.


See debtor in possession.

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In this paper, define fault dip angle [beta] = 45[degrees], pipeline crossing angle [phi] = 90[degrees].
The pole of intersection point of the joints lies within the friction cone or safe region because the dip angle of [J.
The effect of anisotropy of heat flow in a multi-layer geological formation on the temperature around the vertical line heat source at an arbitrary dip angle of the strata to the surface is the subject of this article.
These factors are: slope angle, dip angle, bedding angle, distance to faults, distance to roads, distance to streams, lithology, soil permeability, and land cover.
HOLE CHU W003 was drilled at an azimuth of 160 degrees and a dip angle of -53 degrees to test the eastern limits of the WEST High Grade Zone and to search for additional high grade zones between the WEST and the EAST.
For the problem of too large front wheel side slippage and serious tyre abrasion, this paper takes upper suspension length, lower suspension length, and the landscape planar dip angles of the upper and lower suspensions in the automobile as the design variables, and takes minimizing front wheel side slippage change as the target of the optimization in the ADAMS/View module.
Three different possible shapes of subduction of the Nazca plate in the Colombia-Ecuador trench were obtained: The first configuration, in the Cali A segment, the dip angle changes from17[degrees] to 45[degrees] down to a maximum depth of 100km; the second configuration, in the Popayan B and Narino C segments, the dip angle holds approximately constant at 30[degrees] down to a maximum depth of 200 km; and the third configuration, in the Quito D segment, the dip angle changes of 9[degrees] to 50[degrees] to a maximum depth 220 km.
HOLE CHU E001 was drilled at an azimuth 290 degrees and a dip angle of -55 degrees to test the EAST high grade zone above previously announced drill hole CHU 06-13 (0.
Drill hole CHU 07-21 was drilled at an azimuth 240 degrees and a dip angle of -45 degrees to extend the high grade WEST ZONE to the southeast.