diffusion process

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Diffusion process

A conception of the way a stock's price changes that assumes that the price takes on all intermediate values.

diffusion process

the spread of a NEW PRODUCT (or process) through society. Initially, new products tend to be purchased by a small number of pioneering or innovator customers (see PRODUCT LIFE CYCLE) and then by early adopters who begin to purchase the product soon after it has been introduced. In due course the product may become a mass market item with a widespread demand.
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As information that is greatly demanded by adopters always starts with interactions with other agents, especially innovators or early adopters, this particular research totally disregarded the interactions that occur between institutions within the diffusion process, even though the frequency and success of innovation diffusion is usually shaped by geography.
The cold diffusion process uses the natural principles of capillarity and evaporation to gradually release fragrance without heat.
Low temperature surface hardening does not have these limitations due to the diffusion process characteristics.
Relaxed Field of Cathode (RFC) diode3 chip incorporating new backside diffusion process achieves low power loss and suppression of recovery-voltage surge.
The fractional Laplacian, also called the Riesz fractional derivative, describes an unusual diffusion process due to random displacements executed by jumpers that are able to walk to neighboring or nearby sites, says Pozrikidis, but can also perform excursions to remote sites by way of Levy flights.
9(e) provides the attack result on unilateral diffusion process without block shuffle.
Mark Gore, CEO of Greenkote added, "Greenkote's thermal diffusion process offers exceptional corrosion protection and longer wear and it outperforms many other traditional coating processes such as zinc plating, hot dip, metal flake and sherardizing as well as PVD and CVD.
The diffusion process enhances a fingerprint image with smoothing along the local ridge; however, in doing so, it reduces the overall image contrast.
Role of Compensation Committee in the Diffusion Process
Greenkote is a patented thermal diffusion process that applies proprietary zinc-based coatings to ferrous metals and alloys.
The three facilities will continue manufacturing existing Panasonic production of semiconductor diffusion process, including the 12 inch advanced wafer fab with technologies of 65 and 45 nanometers, in addition to manufacturing expansion of new products and technologies from new customers.
He created Agrisearch, a 4- to 6-page publication in which he (and grad students at Michigan State--including Hal Taylor, Don Wells, Bob Crom, Mason Miller, and others) reviewed studies on a specific aspect of communication, such as role of color in a pamphlet, measuring readability of printed material, the diffusion process, etc.

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