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A small charge added to the purchase price and subtracted from the selling price by the dealer for odd-lot quantities.


1. The degree of change in quality of the underlying asset on a futures contract that is allowed. Every futures contract specifies the quality of the commodity underlying it that must be delivered in order for the seller to fulfill the contract. The differential allows the seller to deliver a good of a different quality, at least within certain limits. Not all futures contracts allow for differentials.

2. A change in the location of delivery that some futures contracts allow the seller to make at his/her discretion.


1. In commodities trading, the premium or discount in the futures contract price caused by delivering a commodity that does not exactly meet the standards fixed by the exchange. Allowances for these differentials are included in the contract specifications.
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However, the literature reporting the effects of different numbers of cigarettes smoked per day on differential leukocyte count is limited.
Differential Leukocyte Count revealed that the lymphocytes were the predominant leukocytes (50.
Numerous studies have been undertaken to examine the effects of different phases of the menstrual cycle on differential leukocyte counts but results have often been inconclusive and contradictory.
CSF samples were subjected to macroscopic examination, total and differential leukocyte counts, bacterial culture, Gram staining, and measurement of protein and glucose.
Blood cell counts (including platelet counts) and differential leukocyte counts were determined using an automated cell counter with flow differential (Cell Dyn 3500; Abbott Diagnostics, Abbott Park, IL, USA).
Also, two studies reported increases in the total number of T lymphocytes and in leukocyte activity, but another found no effects on total or differential leukocyte counts or leukocyte subpopulations.
The differential leukocyte counts were neutropenia (20-45) in 17 pups and lymphopenia (6-12) in 12 pups.
9]/L and mildly elevated alanine transaminase at 59 U/L (normal <55 U/L), but total and differential leukocyte counts were normal.
The present study was designed to examine whether soy isoflavones alter hematological parameters, including total and differential leukocyte counts, using the ovarectomized rat model.

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