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Graphic dependences of the efficiency of the differential gear transmission [[eta].sub.43] = f([[omega].sub.1], [[omega].sub.4], [u.sup.(4).sub.13]) for gear ratios [u.sup.(4).sub.13] = {1 ...
The above torque conversion principle enables this invention to be used in place of differential gears in automobiles or other vehicles.
Prof Edmunds said, 'It does raise the question, 'what else were they making at the time?' In terms of historic and scarcity value, I have to regard this mechanism as being more valuable than the Mona Lisa.': How it works:The Greek device used 30 hand-cut differential gears fashioned from bronze.
To identify the impact of lowering viscosity, two modes of differential gear unit-stand tests were conducted with four oil samples having different viscosities and additive formulations, as summarized in Table 1.
-Optimal component placement-moving the differential gear forward (see above) and positioning the steering gearbox higher-allowed for a compact engine compartment.
Like the impossibly high penny-farthings inspired by Starley's progressive ariel design and` the first differential gear he fitted to a tricycle.
It consists of large and strong Driving Wheels, Open Cog Main Gear Wheels, a Three Pinion Compensating or Differential Gear, and our improved Friction Belt Attachment.
In 1876 the successful Coventry tricycle was introduced and the following year saw James Starley's greatest contribution to engineering design - the differential gear, the principle of which is now legend and incorporated into millions of motor cars.
James Starley invented the differential gear which is still a design feature of motor vehicles today.

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