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A small charge added to the purchase price and subtracted from the selling price by the dealer for odd-lot quantities.
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1. The degree of change in quality of the underlying asset on a futures contract that is allowed. Every futures contract specifies the quality of the commodity underlying it that must be delivered in order for the seller to fulfill the contract. The differential allows the seller to deliver a good of a different quality, at least within certain limits. Not all futures contracts allow for differentials.

2. A change in the location of delivery that some futures contracts allow the seller to make at his/her discretion.
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1. In commodities trading, the premium or discount in the futures contract price caused by delivering a commodity that does not exactly meet the standards fixed by the exchange. Allowances for these differentials are included in the contract specifications.
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Since US does not contain ionizing radiation, it is one of our most commonly preferred methods for the differential diagnosis of acute abdomen with specificity ranging 68-90% in children.14 However, its likelihood of success may decline due to patient-associated causes, such as body mass index (BMI) and depending on the experience of the radiologist.15 The false positivity (FP) rate of US was reported as 20-44%.16 In the present study, US was determined to have a sensitivity of 91.25% and a specificity of 60% while its FP rate was very low (2.60%).
The differential diagnosis of cellular fibroma versus adult granulosa cell tumor may be problematic, as some granulosa cell tumors have a diffuse growth of cells that are somewhat spindled (so-called sarcomatoid granulosa cell tumor), and only focal hints of epithelial differentiation may be a subtle clue to the diagnosis.
Medical thoracoscopy should be definitely helpful and useful in the differential diagnosis of TPE especially in areas with high tuberculosis prevalence.
Differential diagnosis of contact/eczematous cheilitis includes cheilitis simplex, exfoliative cheilitis, among other types of cheilitis.
The differential diagnosis for the contents are as follows: SCC (direct extension or nodal metastases), lymphoma, minor salivary gland tumors, lipoma, hemangioma, sarcoma, sebaceous cyst, fibromatosis, obstructed duct, accessory parotid tissue, cellulitis and abscess (Figures 14B and 14C).
Contrast-enhanced high resolution CT is another useful radiological technique in differential diagnosis [10].
The term "differential diagnosis" has often been used in toxic tort litigation to mean something completely different.
Among the 371 cases, 250 (67.4%) were consistent with provisional diagnosis, 71 (19.1%) were corroborative with one of the differential diagnosis and 50 (13.5%) were inconsistent with the clinical diagnosis provided.
Utilizing a proven six-step diagnostic framework, the DSM-5 Differential Diagnosis App guides users through interactive decision trees and provides differential diagnosis suggestions for common psychiatric symptoms.
Each chapter begins with a general introduction, follows a case study, an anatomy map of the related body part, and differential diagnosis map that includes the history, injury mechanism, evaluation essen-tials, key findings, and diagnostic evidence.
Essential topics include developing a differential diagnosis, dealing with comorbidity and determining when physical illness may be the cause of mental health symptoms.
M2 PHARMA-July 30, 2014-Intrinsic LifeSciences wins USD 4.5m NIH grant for hepcidin test for differential diagnosis of anemias

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