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Boykin, New Orleans, LA Admitted 1937; Died April 11, 1979
Bradbury, Cape Girardeau, MO Admitted 1954; Died March 3, 1997
Brennan, Las Vegas, NV Admitted 1952; Died June 22, 1997
Charlie Ray Brown, Belleair Admitted 1985; Died Jan.
Gonzalez, 23, of Los Angeles, died May 29, 2004, in combat in Al Anbar Province.
Sprayberry III, 24, of Tehachapi, died May 3, 2004, in a military-vehicle accident in Balad.
Penamedina, 32, of Los Angeles, died April 27, 2004, in a sniper attack in Baghdad.
Gibson, 23, of Simi Valley, died April 22, 2004, in combat in Al Anbar Province, Iraq.
The toddler died of head injuries while in the custody of a relative, where he had been placed by Children's Services.
The child was exposed to cocaine before birth and died in his mother's custody despite repeated visits from a social worker.
The child died at the hospital, severely underweight after being in the care of his 14-year-old mother, who lived with her parents.
The coroner ruled that the child died from maternal neglect.