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Less Developed Country

A country with lower GDP relative to other countries. Less developed countries are characterized by little industry and sometimes a comparatively high dependence on foreign aid. Less developed countries often undertake programs of development, with greater or lesser interventions on the part of the national governments. They are major borrowers from organizations such as the World Bank. While no strict definition of which countries are less developed exists, most countries that do not belong to the OECD are considered less developed. See also: International development.
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less developed country (LDC)

A country with relatively low per capita income and little industrialization. Less developed countries have been major borrowers from a number of banks worldwide.
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less developed country (LDC)

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So far as developing countries are concerned, even if some developing countries are not comfortable with annex-based differentiation (such as some least developed countries or LDCs), all want, in greater or lesser degree, the convention principles of equity and common but differentiated responsibilities (CBDR), to get reflected in each and every element of the Paris deal.
That is, there is a developing capacity to balance and integrate personal beliefs and principles with expectations generated by policy makers.
The company has tapped into a sweet spot in the tech industry, developing semiconductors from "exotic materials" such as gallium nitride.
Flyers may be comforted to know that the Montreal Protocol contains a clause that allows developing nations to temporarily restart halon production for critical systems if supplies fail--always supposing the necessary infrastructure exists.
Meanwhile, IPO rules in most developing countries' stock markets allow only large companies to list, thereby discriminating against service sectors that have smaller players.
funds) has led to significant increases in maternal and infant deaths in some developing countries because many women's health clinics have been forced to close down or turn away patients needing help.
Governments, academic and health care institutions, community and faith-based organizations, and business communities in both the developed and developing countries all have a role to play.
Cooperative inquiry: Developing new technologies for children with children.
The PEO's goal was to join those evolving and developing systems into an SOS concept, to enable horizontal networked integration and interoperability amongst the systems in a common operating environment.
In developing the following advocacy competencies for school counselors, we, the authors, used Fiedler's special-educator competencies as a guide.
If a developing country is going to develop an indigenous steel, food, oil or agricultural industry it will need these goods.

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