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the process of translating a product idea into a product which can be produced and marketed on a commercial basis. Though design is a creative process it has economic consequences insofar as a product's shape, configuration and performance affect its marketability and its cost of production. In order to achieve high product variety without involving an excessive variety of components, designers often use common, interchangeable parts and design products on a modular basis.

In order to remain competitive, firms need continuously to review the design of their products in the light of new developments in materials and processes. The technique of VALUE ANALYSIS is used to identify possible sources of cost savings without impairing a product's performance. See COMPUTER-AIDED DESIGN, NEW PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT.

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By designing from the "inside out," KKE expands understanding, produces state-of-the-art design and, most importantly, enriches lives.
Her first project with the firm, designing the office interiors for Scientific America magazine, provided her with a crash course in the fundamental design principal of branding--learning how to communicate the client's products through the creation of two intersecting circular panels that became galleries for the magazine's artwork
Complete moldmaking and designing facilities, specializing in larger molds to 40,000 lb.
Quantitative (i.e., positivistic) and qualitative (i.e., interpretative), research methods are employed in designing products.
(ISRI has promoted that, as its name suggests, promotes designing products with their recyclability in mind from the very beginning.
He says that most Web site designs are "based on pure folklore about how kids supposedly behave--or, at best, by insights gleaned when designers observe their own children." Harbeck and Sherman (1999) propose seven principles that should be followed when designing Web sites for young children, and Agosto (2002) has developed a model of the criteria used by young people to evaluate individual Web sites.
Megan Connelly's The New Smart Approach To Kids' Rooms (1580111785, $19.95) updates a best-selling book on designing spaces for children, from using color to producing rooms both parents and kids will enjoy.
Robin Williams, Denzel Washington, and Morgan Freeman are among the private collectors who can boast about having a one-of-a-kind Riley, Following her mother's lead, Cheryl Riley, 52, started designing for her personal space after coming across furniture that was aesthetically interesting but poorly constructed or fairly expensive.
Designing new things takes creativity and imagination.
Norman Foster, I would contest, was not thinking about the flow of oxygen through coral when 30 St Mary Axe was conceived, any more than Will Alsop was thinking of Tunicates when designing the Rotterdam Central scheme; even the exhibition captions made a mockery of their thesis when describing Alsop's faceted goblets, that 'by chance these objects also resemble marine Invertebrates'--And?
"The fun part of creativity is when you're given a menu to follow: we have 10 of these, 20 of that, two of this type, 13 of the other, and this is our budget." Defined limits and boundaries equate to less guesswork when designing out of the box.

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