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The information in a deed that will precisely identify the land being conveyed, in such a manner that it cannot be confused with any other land.It is not appropriate to use a street address or a tax parcel identification number in a deed,except as additional information to aid in the description.There are three predominant types of description:

• Metes and bounds. Includes an independently verifiable starting point, distances of lines and directions, and angles between lines.

• Aliquot parts. Uses portions of one or more sections (640 acres), half sections (320 acres), quarter sections (160 acres), or quarter-quarter sections (40 acres).

• Subdivision plat. Makes reference to subdivision plats, such as “Lot 9, Block 3 according to the plat or map of Sunny Acres as recorded in the County records at Plat Book 182, Page 79.”

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But our former description of a citizen will admit of correction; for in some governments the office of a juryman and a member of the general assembly is not an indeterminate one; but there are particular persons appointed for these purposes, some or all of the citizens being appointed jurymen or members of the general assembly, and this either for all causes and all public business whatsoever, or else for some particular one: and this may be sufficient to show what a citizen is; for he who has a right to a share in the judicial and executive part of government in any city, him we call a citizen of that place; and a city, in one word, is a collective body of such persons sufficient in themselves to all the purposes of life.
He called him "The Well of English undefiled,"* and after many hundred years we still feel the truth of the description.
Is there anything more drowsy than his description of the abode of sleep:
Her nose was exactly regular, and her mouth, in which were two rows of ivory, exactly answered Sir John Suckling's description in those lines:--
About half past four I went up to the railway station to get an evening paper, for the morning papers had contained only a very inaccurate description of the killing of Stent, Henderson, Ogilvy, and the others.
They were by no means tired of wondering and admiring; and not even Louisa seemed to feel that they had parted with Captain Wentworth long, when they saw him coming after them, with three companions, all well known already, by description, to be Captain and Mrs Harville, and a Captain Benwick, who was staying with them.
You may be surprised to learn that job descriptions are an effective management tool on multiple levels.
Each year, we invite kitchenware, gourmet food, tabletop and gift companies to provide us with photos and descriptions of some of their top products, both new introductions and tried-and-true gift-giving favorites.
Writing job descriptions can be challenging and confusing, especially if you're not versed in the legalese that's often left to the human resources wheelhouse.
The Job Description project is designed to give HR personnel all of the services, tools and subject matter expertise they need to overhaul their job descriptions.
Seventy-five reviewers who were blind, had low vision, or were sighted then rated the descriptions using a number of criteria, including overall quality and entertainment value.

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