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The information in a deed that will precisely identify the land being conveyed, in such a manner that it cannot be confused with any other land.It is not appropriate to use a street address or a tax parcel identification number in a deed,except as additional information to aid in the description.There are three predominant types of description:

• Metes and bounds. Includes an independently verifiable starting point, distances of lines and directions, and angles between lines.

• Aliquot parts. Uses portions of one or more sections (640 acres), half sections (320 acres), quarter sections (160 acres), or quarter-quarter sections (40 acres).

• Subdivision plat. Makes reference to subdivision plats, such as “Lot 9, Block 3 according to the plat or map of Sunny Acres as recorded in the County records at Plat Book 182, Page 79.”

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6) Words may be used to describe or create an imagination-image: to describe it, for example, in the case of a poet or novelist, or to create it in the ordinary case for giving information-though, in the latter case, it is intended that the imagination-image, when created, shall be accompanied by belief that something of the sort occurred.
We may, for example, be able to describe a person's appearance correctly without having at any time had any image of him, provided, when we saw him, we thought of words which fitted him; the words alone may remain with us as a habit, and enable us to speak as if we could recall a visual image of the man.
The only other considerable hymn is that to "Pan", which describes how he roams hunting among the mountains and thickets and streams, how he makes music at dusk while returning from the chase, and how he joins in dancing with the nymphs who sing the story of his birth.
They describe the procedures involved in both quantitative and qualitative content analysis and provide detailed information on coding and analyzing the data.
He goes on to describe the first hydrocarbon discovery at the West Sole gas field in 1964 in the Permian Rotleingendes in the southern North Sea.
Like Morris, Tolkien could describe landscape in great detail.
Wouters' own views about sex and gender also tend to color his survey of the current scene, whereas in earlier chapters he was careful to describe the spectrum of opinion among advice writers.
Most early theories describe motivations for "mate" selection and characteristics that people tend to look for in a lifetime romantic partner in the context of marriage.
Describe how the processes will be implemented and how they will be tailored to meet individual acquisition phase objectives.
Subsequent chapters describe long-standing protein separation techniques including two-dimensional (2D)-gel electrophoresis, liquid chromatography (LC), and capillary electrophoresis.
References to the XBRL taxonomy and any additional taxonomies that may be required to describe all the XBRL tags used in a specific instance document.