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(12,13) The method we describe is simpler and less radical than Young's procedure.
The dramatic ongoing epidemic of chikungunya infection in the southwestern part of the Indian Ocean, particularly Reunion Island, provided the opportunity to describe the skin manifestations of this infection among travelers.
Describe the places you plan to market your RIA firm, such as to existing CPA firm clients.
She then briefly describes her study, including sample selection, data collection, and analysis, and her findings.
This article describes a text and an approach that invite students from different language-learning backgrounds to collaborate to improve their reading and writing skills in French.
First, the article describes an exciting period of time in the evolution of guidance and counseling in the schools.
Paul somewhat later uses the metaphor of God's ambassador to describe his ministry (2 Cor 5:20).
Competing continuation applications need to describe how the existing center facilitated a leading role in environmental health at its home and associated institutions and should document the outcomes and impact of the core center on research efforts during the preceding funding period.
Wright's Bessie has worked in that area often as a domestic, she is quite familiar with the Loeb/ Leopold case and, as she describes it to Bigger, she unintentionally inspires him to seek ransom from the Daltons in exactly the same amount as the ransom demanded from the Franks family.
Hardman (Amerada Hess International Ltd, UK) covers the former and describes the exploration lessons that can be applied elsewhere in the world, partly from an anecdotal point of view.
An idea would be to use the term maintenance to describe maintenance activities and production reliability to describe and measure the results of your operations and maintenance organization's work.
There was no blame in their statements, only a strong fatalistic feeling of being a victim of the circumstances in which they found themselves, and many described themselves as "stuck." Equally important, although their primary concern was that their children not repeat their mistakes, they did not describe what their children should do to avoid them.