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Depository Institution

An organization, which may be either for-profit or non-profit, that takes money from clients and places it in any of a variety of investment vehicles for the benefit of both the client and the organization. Common examples of depository institutions are retail banks and savings and loan associations, both of which take deposits into safekeeping and use them to make loans to other customers.


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The expanding market for instruments that settle in federal funds has brought demands for the creation of depository services to support these instruments.
The bullion depository is designed to be more than a Texas version of Fort Knox.
The agencies will continue to closely monitor the situations and needs of insured depository institutions and their 'customers and will provide additional guidance, as required, to help address those needs.
1, 1995, all taxpayers were required to convey depository taxes through the use of a coupon and a deposit made with a qualified financial institution.
2 billion, which represent less than 1 percent of the total amount of deposits of insured depository institutions in the United States.
31, 1994, a taxpayer would be required to begin EFTS when its aggregate deposits of depository taxes during a "determination period" exceed a threshold amount.
Citizens Bank is the largest depository institution in the market, controlling approximately $291.
Depository institutions may offer overdraft protection programs to transaction account customers as an alternative to traditional ways of covering overdrafts.
The revised system more closely aligns the Federal Reserve's rating process with the focus of its current supervisory practices by placing an increased emphasis on risk management, providing a more flexible and comprehensive framework for evaluating financial condition, and requiring an explicit determination of the likelihood that the nondepository entities of a BHC will have a significant negative effect on the depository subsidiaries.

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