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Depository Institution

An organization, which may be either for-profit or non-profit, that takes money from clients and places it in any of a variety of investment vehicles for the benefit of both the client and the organization. Common examples of depository institutions are retail banks and savings and loan associations, both of which take deposits into safekeeping and use them to make loans to other customers.
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The Act also requires delivery of all precious metals bought by a customer to the depository "within 7 days of verified payment of any part of the purchase price."(100) Notwithstanding the thirty-six month account maturity date, however, the Act permits debit or ATM card withdrawal of up to twenty percent of an account without penalty before maturity, subject to customer interest and fee charges.(101) Finally, the Act requires conversion of account precious metals at the above spot market rate upon termination of the account either at or before maturity, allowing the depository to delay settlement up to five business days after closure.(102)
Assuming the required agreements are in place, transacting cross-border payments is a process that uses the existing clearinghouse network infrastructure to settle payments between the originating depository financial institution and originating gateway operator, and between the receiving gateway operator and receiving depository financial institution.
* Maintaining the Federal Reserve Board's authority to impose consolidated capital standards as a safeguard on bank holding companies whose subsidiary insured depository institutions constitute their principal business.
The city will announce its depository partners in May, and the selected banks will keep the city's budget until December 2022.
"The Texas Bullion Depository will offer Texas safe, fully-insured storage of precious metals providing an alternative to the depositories largely located in and around New York City," Hegar said.
The provisional depository license given by the Securities and Exchange Commission to SCCP opens up a new - and potentially significant - revenue stream for the PSE but signals a break from the depository platform under the PDS.
It said the depository will also minimize risk, and reduce settlement time, transportation and insurance costs for the industry.
For depository institutions that report weekly, the low reserve tranche and the reserve requirement exemption amount for 2006 will first apply to the fourteen-day reserve computation period that began Tuesday, November 22, 2005, and the corresponding fourteen-day reserve maintenance period that begins Thursday, December 22, 2005.
6656(a) provides that in the case of any failure by any person to deposit taxes on the prescribed date in an authorized government depository, a penalty applies unless the failure is due to reasonable cause and not due to willful neglect.
"This leads to a lack of comparability of financial information depository institutions report to their stockholders, depositors, creditors and regulatory agencies.

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