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Depository Institution

An organization, which may be either for-profit or non-profit, that takes money from clients and places it in any of a variety of investment vehicles for the benefit of both the client and the organization. Common examples of depository institutions are retail banks and savings and loan associations, both of which take deposits into safekeeping and use them to make loans to other customers.


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As provided in the CRA, the Board has evaluated the convenience and needs factor in light of examination by the appropriate federal supervisor of the CRA performance record of the relevant insured depository institution.
The depository won't just store state gold and other precious metals.
But too often, older adults do not have access to the food they need to stay healthy," said Kate Maehr, executive director and CEO of the Food Depository.
Depository Receipts bridges the gap between leading global equity markets and emerging markets by facilitating fund raising by emerging market companies in US, UK and other European markets.
Global Trust Depository has also established an almost global reach which allows them to not only cater to markets on a national but on an international level as well.
The Hong Kong Monetary Authority is also planning to transfer its physical gold reserves stored in Britain to the depository later this year, depository director Raymond Lai said.
of the Depository Interests in CREST should arrange to submit a stock
It would be logical now to begin implementation of a project for the formation of a central depository as a part of an international financial center formed in Moscow in line with the task set by Russian President and Government.
The Department of Energy began scouting possible locations for a nuclear depository in the 1960s and identified nine possible sites.
The agreements required under the operating rules exist between the company initiating the payment instructions (originator) and its originating depository financial institution; the originating depository financial institution and the originating gateway operator, which is the exit point from the national system; and the originating gateway operator and the receiving gateway operator, which is the entry point to the receiving country's national payments system.
The sidebar, pages 66-67, includes a summary of the accounting and auditing provisions of the banking bill that appear in section 112, "Independent Annual Audits of Insured Depository Institutions," and section 121, "Accounting Objectives, Standards, and Requirements.
CHICAGO -- Purchases of specially marked items at six Chicago area grocery retailers will benefit the Greater Chicago Food Depository between now and the end of May.

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