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1. An amount of money held at a financial institution on behalf of an account holder for safekeeping. For example, one may keep a deposit in one's checking account to pay for daily expenses instead of hiding one's money "under the mattress." Many deposits are insured by organizations like the FDIC to reduce their risk.

2. See: Earnest Money.


Money paid to ensure performance under a written or oral contract.Many states require that lease and other such deposits be maintained in escrow accounts and earn interest which must be paid to the party when the deposit is refunded.All real estate brokers must place earnest money deposits in escrow accounts. One must carefully examine the particular contract language relative to deposits in order to determine the circumstances under which they may be withheld from the depositor.

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The Ministry of Finance on Tuesday while dismissing the rumours circulating around bail-in provisions under the FRDI Bill assured that the interests of depositors (both insured and uninsured) would be protected.
But to this day, GSIS has not done anything to help and/or mitigate the suffering of the depositors who trusted it.
Companies from every part of the world find that thorough trials, often using their own local raw materials and moulds from their production scale depositor, provide a reliable basis for trouble-free commissioning of a new plant or launch of a new product range.
At each stage, one depositor is informed of a pair of signals.
A Treasury spokesman said: "The UK Government has always supported an IMF loan to Iceland and would welcome any progress that would see resolution for British retail depositors and equal treatment for creditors.
The rules would oblige banks to fully reimburse depositors in the event that Net-based thefts took place with the depositors not at fault.
If the depositor is easy to set accurately, then there is more chance of maintaining deposit weights and reducing give away.
8) Thus, there is a trade-off in affecting expected losses from failure resolution between increased depositor discipline and increased pressure for bailout.
This article examines both the sources and implications of potential depositor losses in bank resolutions.
Suppose every depositor attempted to take the bank up on its promise of an early withdrawal of [r.
Each depositor was assigned an account number and given a ledger page that recorded deposits, withdrawals, and account balances.