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1. An amount of money held at a financial institution on behalf of an account holder for safekeeping. For example, one may keep a deposit in one's checking account to pay for daily expenses instead of hiding one's money "under the mattress." Many deposits are insured by organizations like the FDIC to reduce their risk.

2. See: Earnest Money.
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Money paid to ensure performance under a written or oral contract.Many states require that lease and other such deposits be maintained in escrow accounts and earn interest which must be paid to the party when the deposit is refunded.All real estate brokers must place earnest money deposits in escrow accounts. One must carefully examine the particular contract language relative to deposits in order to determine the circumstances under which they may be withheld from the depositor.

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It was soon appreciated that not all poorly sorted rocks are glacial tillites deposited below glaciers on elevated continental surfaces; many are non-glacial deep-marine mass-flow deposits interbedded with turbidites (Fig.
In the NIST work, it was found that a thin layer of tantalum, obliquely deposited, has a textured roughness that can have a strong effect on a magnetic layer deposited on top of it.
A major function of the Centre is to maintain an information database about the extent and availability of qualitative research material in general whether deposited in public repositories or remaining with the researcher.
That order is being appealed and as of deadline, no money had been deposited.
When a customer deposits a check that is returned by the paying bank (because of insufficient funds, for example), the bank in which it was deposited may charge the customer a fee.
The principal ones are the refractory surface adhesion characteristics of the deposited particles and the relative balance of corrosives versus stable particles in suspension.
patent deposit rules are slightly different from those of most other countries, patent-pending organisms generally must be deposited on or before the day a patent application is filed.
However, the Service will assess a 10% penalty on the amount deposited ($417 per month on $50,000 a year).