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Key Words: Myths about Dental Scaling, Anxiety, Pain.
Efficacy of tranexamic acid mouthwash as an alternative for factor replacement in gingival bleeding during dental scaling in cases of hemophilia: A randomized clinical trial.
Even dental scaling done just once a year seemed to have a powerful protective effect.
The study involved 51,000 adults in Taiwan who had received at least one full or partial dental scaling and a similar number of people matched with gender and health conditions who had never had a tooth scaling.
"To treat mouth odour, we have different modalities and routine instruction for oral hygiene, which the patient has to follow such as proper teeth brushing and dental scaling as well as surgery when other options fail."
The research team surmised that this practice with the mouth model was a means of integrating strength and dexterity gained from the intervention and may have resulted better manipulation or handling of the dental scaling instruments.