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Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, age, household income, median home price, and number of inhabitants per household. The U.S. Census Bureau ( collects a wealth of demographic data.

Example: Families without insurance, 2003 and 2004:

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Validated Demographics are drawn from the robust combined data assets of BlueKai, Datalogix, and third-party data partners, using a variety of verification methodologies, such as comScore vCE, to help ensure quality and measurability.
But now I want to turn my attention back to the global stage, to a country other than China, whose demographics indicate they are the economy to watch.
The falling demographic trend in China (and Europe and Japan) contrasts with growth in the United States, which benefits from a fertility rate close to the replacement rate and high level of immigration.
Staff demographics were categorized on the following basis: administrative staff - persons who had minimal contact with clients/consumers; management staff - persons who had contact with administrative staff, and clients/consumers; and services delivery staff - persons who had direct contact with clients, and minimal contact with administrative staff.
The Levin report concludes, with modest optimism, that the demographics and a growth in the private long-term care insurance market will fuel the new growth.
Dairy food consumption and usage demographics -analysis of Consumer Demographics in the Portuguese dairy food market
If immigration laws do not hinder current trends, then the next two decades will have positive indicators for successful housing markets based on demographics of immigration and age, which will be reaching their peaks.
Wood Ranch Elementary, like Vista, ranks in the top 10 percent of schools statewide, and the top 20 percent when compared with schools with similar demographics.
This school administrative application includes student demographics, attendance, health; grade reporting, teacher gradebooks, scheduling and discipline modules, which can be purchased as a complete system or separately to suit district needs.
For example, it ignores household demographics, past savings, Social Security offsets and housing expenses.
Statistics comparing traffic stop demographics with population demographics can assure the public that an agency does not practice racial profiling.
Skincare in Japan - Market Forecast & Consumer Demographics is an information resource that quantifies the market and provides detailed insight into the consumption and usage demographics of the skincare industry in Japan.

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