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Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, age, household income, median home price, and number of inhabitants per household. The U.S. Census Bureau ( collects a wealth of demographic data.

Example: Families without insurance, 2003 and 2004:

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The first half of the report points to the impact of demographics on marketing strategy.
Given that the survey results from the responding centers (32/53) revealed that nearly 19% of the ILC directors were racial or ethnic minorities and nearly 15% of the management staff positions were held by persons of color, one could make a plausible argument that the demographics of independent living centers are reflective of the region's population.
What follows are some snapshots of broad demographic trends.
Nor can there be any denying that America's changing demographics are forcing an ultimately significant growth of the nursing home industry.
Includes analysis of consumption and usage demographics for Portuguese dairy food products by splitting consumers by age, gender, income, region, status, urban/rural from 2004 to 2008.
When it comes to demographics, Fannie Mac's research has concluded that the age of 70 years old is the median age in which people purchase homes.
More than half of Simi Valley's 27 campuses placed in the top 20 percent when compared with all the state's schools but took a beating when compared with schools with similar demographics - also known as the apples-to-apples comparison.
With a promotion running through June 2003, districts can receive both demographics and attendance modules free with the purchase of a one-year service contract.
This is particularly the case for households experiencing changing demographics or facing borrowing constraints.
While this trend toward voluntary data collection can result in aggregate statistics demonstrating that an agency's enforcement action is consistent with population demographics, it also can monitor individual Performance.
Includes analysis of consumption and usage demographics for Japanese skincare products by splitting consumers by age, gender, income, status, urban/rural from 2004 to 2008.
They included development of a qualified work force, particularly in the midst of changing demographics, heightened business competition resulting in declining margins, and managing risk in a post-9/11 environment.

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