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Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, age, household income, median home price, and number of inhabitants per household. The U.S. Census Bureau ( collects a wealth of demographic data.

Example: Families without insurance, 2003 and 2004:

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Highlighted by the demographic influence applied by baby boomers retiring, the actual LIUR was 1.5 percent below the demographically adjusted LIUR by the second quarter of 2018.
There were also three Gold's Gyms in New York that were barely surviving and demographically were much different from New Hampshire.
"It's hard to say that the conflict will be solved demographically, until these demographics turn into a political reality," Mohamed said.
The groups were also similar demographically to a comparison group of 503 women with spontaneous labor.
A recent survey of over 2,000 demographically diverse mothers shows that parents are declaring war on the violence, hypersexuality, and obscenity so prevalent on TV, the Internet, the big screen, video games and in music, books, and advertising.
It's the new "world car," only without the compromises that arise from selling the same car in demographically, economically, politically, and sociologically different markets--the "wrapper" is different in each.
If all the 104,413 youths captured by the census lived in the facility for the entire year, it would be simple to compare the number of suicides of these youths with a demographically similar group of youths who lived outside of a juvenile facility for the entire year.
Demographically, Carroll Gardens is 65 percent white, with 22 percent African Americans and nearly 8 percent Asians.
The company has reportedly launched a range of online tools to invisibly capture information about online customers, including the ability to demographically profile customers, the facility to capture and verify BACS and credit card details and a "nearest store" finder service.
But as the debate ends and the network switches to a demographically correct group of six "undecided" voters--including a woman termed a "security mom"--our nervousness returns.
Demographically, high-earning men in Uusimaa province were the most supportive of the lower price of liquor, reported the Finnish online news service YLE24.

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