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Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, age, household income, median home price, and number of inhabitants per household. The U.S. Census Bureau ( collects a wealth of demographic data.

Example: Families without insurance, 2003 and 2004:

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Comcast Spotlight provides video advertising solutions to local, regional and national businesses, with local market coverage across platforms and the ability to target customers geographically, demographically and by message.
But more important is that in proto-industrialization theory a number of hypotheses has been formulated about the way people reacted demographically to the process of proto-industrialization.
Research conducted at the University of Minnesota for the Iowa Women's Health Study, looked at the difference between 273 women with breast cancer and 657 demographically similar women without breast cancer.
Mormons account for nearly 70 percent of the population in Utah, but in Alaska they barely make a dent demographically.
What Makes Juries Listen Today, published by Glasser LegalWorks (Little Falls, NJ), is a volume that describes how jury panels are now "muticultural, demographically diverse and all inclusive," GLW said.
David Ingram and his colleagues at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre in Perth recruited 144 volunteers--age 30 to 84--newly diagnosed with breast cancer and an equal number of demographically matched women without the cancer.
And demographically, in the eyes of many advertisers, the young consumer is a desirable target.
Our city is changing demographically fairly rapidly now.
Hesse, president of Aries Deitch & Endelson, SAFAVIEH's new Scarsdale address is ideal, both logistically and demographically.

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