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Pertaining to characteristics of the population, such as race, age, household income, median home price, and number of inhabitants per household. The U.S. Census Bureau ( collects a wealth of demographic data.

Example: Families without insurance, 2003 and 2004:

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Applicants are competing to join the GCCA[degrees]Stat team where selected candidates will work in departments such as economy, social and demographical statistics, research and analysis, information systems and projA[degrees]ect management.
Without knowing how applicants' demographical information is used, numerous participants express feelings of frustration, insecurity, and confusion.
The declaration held Israel fully responsible for the halt of the peace process as a result of lack of commitment to the release of the fourth group of the Palestinian prisoners and continuity of the policy of settlement, blockade, Judaization of Jerusalem and change of its geographical and demographical status.
Demographical factors like age, gender, education, job and income influence on brand selection among families.
The main determinants are based on geographical, demographical and economical considerations, he said, and called for policy formulation to achieve the goal.
Thanks to the internet, electronic word of mouth quickly ripples through online networks and takes little regard of demographical or cultural boundaries.
The third section illustrates the theories and methodologies of the spatio-temporal model for house price convergence, demographical distance and general impulse response functions.
Primary urethral carcinoma in females: an epidemiologic study on demographical factors, histological types, tumour stage and survival.
Despite its embarrassing geographical and demographical dimensions, Qatar is also leading the 'Big Guys' in the Arab League.
He said this while addressing the launching ceremony of Election Bulletin organized by ALHASAN System Private here at National Press Club and added that the mapping of constituencies with geo-information system specified in Election Bulletin can help in dissemination of ECP guideline for whole election process and demographical analysis can provide true assessment of political parties' popularity in voters.
Previous studies revealed that self-employment factors can be classified into particular groups: demographical factors (Startiene, Remeikiene 2009); cultural factors and factors of economic environment (Remeikiene, Startiene 2008); factors of institutional environment (Remeikiene, Startiene 2011); social-psychological factors (Remeikiene et al.

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