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According to social demographers, a "culture of expectation" had already drowned Australia's "can-do" attitude.
The good news for Democrats", said Frey, "is that demographers are often wrong.
In other words, many demographers are almost exclusively concerned with modelling and studying interrelations among a small set of strictly demographic variables.
A common past view among demographers was that fertility would level off at or near the replacement level of 2.
He and other demographers discussed the nation's most recent population count last week in Boston at the annual meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Avoidance of marriage is the primary factor depressing Japan's birth rate, according to Japanese demographer Miho Iwasawa, who presented a paper on the subject at an international population conference in Tokyo this past March.
For example, demographer John Cleland disapprovingly notes: "ICPD [International Conference on Population and Development] plan of action has a real urgency when discussing women's issues that is largely absent when discussing problems of population growth and structure.
Johnson, a demographer and sociology professor at the Loyola University of Chicago, who prepared the report.
The date is just an educated guess," says demographer Peter Johnson, in fact, baby may have already been born
a demographer who has used his analysis to forecast market trends, says that "baby boomers will continue to drive the stock market until at least 2008.
There is one demographer who predicts that every female child born today has a 50-50 chance.
In 2030, Italy could be the first (country) in the world where there are more over 60s than people of working age, and in Italy many of those of working age don't work,"' said demographer Prof Antonio Golini of Rome's Sapienza University.