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A situation in which a company sells one or more of its subsidiaries. Shareholders in the original company are usually given the same proportion of shares in the newly independent company. See also: Spin-off, Divestiture.
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the break-up of a company, often originally formed through a MERGER, into two (or more) separate companies. This is most easily achieved when the original businesses comprising the merger have continued to be run as separate divisions of the enlarged group. In this case, for example, the A-B company could be split into separate quoted companies, A and B, with the company's existing shareholders being given shares in both companies. Thus, unlike a DIVESTMENT (the sale of a division to outside interests) or a MANAGEMENT BUY-OUT (the sale of a division to its existing management), initially at least the companies continue to be owned by their existing shareholders.

A demerger may occur because the merged company has failed to perform up to expectations because of internal conflicts of management, or may result from a rethink of the company's BUSINESS STRATEGY favouring a concentration on ‘core’ businesses.

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GrainCorp also advises that it has commenced an international search for a successor to Mark Palmquist as Managing Director & CEO of the Company following Mr Palmquist's future appointment to Managing Director & CEO of MaltCo following implementation of the Demerger. The search
The completion of the demerger was registered with the Finnish Trade Register on 30 June 2019.
After the demerger, the minority shareholders will be issued one share of APPSIL, which will be listed on the stock exchanges, for every five shares held in ABB India, the company said in regulatory filings at stock exchanges.
Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA: ASX) has put its demerger plans on hold.
(FHL) said its board had approved demerger of its hospitals business, which will be acquired by Manipal Hospitals and TPG Capital, along with the sale of 20 percent stake in diagnostics chain SRL Ltd, in a Rs 3,900-crore deal.
This implies that all assets, liabilities and reserves of Danske Bank Plc's mortgage credit banking business will be transferred to an acquiring company wholly owned by Danske Bank A/S to be incorporated in conjunction with the demerger.
Gocompare - whose TV adverts feature moustachioed opera singer Gio Compario - is expected to be worth as much as PS400m when it floats on the stock market after the demerger.
OCI NV has started proceedings for the demerger engineering and construction business from its fertilizer and chemicals business, a move initially announced by the board in November 2014.
" The demerger will provide these businesses, which are currently in their growth and development phases, sharpened focus to fulfil their tremendous potential," Singh, the promoter and chairman, said.
DTZ, which has an office in Newcastle, is to become a standalone company as its parent, UGL Limited, pursues a demerger.