demand loan

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Demand loan

A loan which can be called by the lender at any time and carries no set maturity date.

Demand Loan

A loan that must be paid on demand from the lender. Demand loans are often used to fund margin accounts; alternatively, they are common for personal loans with no set maturity. Demand loans often require collateral and are also called call loans. See also: Margin call.

demand loan

A loan due at any time the lender decides to request payment.

demand loan

A loan that states it is due upon demand, rather than on any certain date or upon the happening of a certain event.For purposes of calculating the statute of limitations within which to sue on a demand loan,it is treated as if demand were made and default occurred on the very first day the loan was made,even if that did not truly happen in fact.
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22) The Seventh Circuit noted a possible analogy of the interest-free demand loan of money to a revocable transfer of property, but then distinguished the two situations.
Furthermore, this gift loan receives treatment under the below-market loan rules as a demand loan.
Demand loans are loans payable in full at any time on the demand of the lender.
4m) working capital demand loan of Indian real estate developer Dharmadev Infrastructure Ltd.
If interest on a demand loan is payable at a rate less than the AFR established monthly by the IRS, the demand loan is a below-market loan to which the Sec.
As previously reported, this is a revolving Canadian chartered bank demand loan with an interest rate at Prime + 1%.
1m) cash credit, interchangeable with the working capital demand loan of Indian car dealer TAFE Access Ltd.
0 million revolving operating demand loan and an acquisition and development demand loan of $20.
The purchase will total USD5,829,037, excluding fees and expenses related to the tender offer and the payment will be funded with available cash combined with two demand loan revolving facilities the company currently has with Bank of Montreal.
3 November 2011 - CRISIL on Thursday confirmed its BB+ ratings with a "stable" outlook on the INR36m (USD731,000/EUR530,000) working capital demand loan and INR36m cash credit of Indian soya bean refined oil maker Natraj Proteins (BOM:530119) Ltd.
has secured a new credit facility of $40 million revolving operating demand loan from a chartered bank in Canada.