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The sale of a futures or forward contract may require the seller to deliver the commodity during the delivery month, if the short position is not offset prior to that time.


The transfer of a security or an underlying asset to a buyer. The term is often used in options, forward, and futures contracts, in which payment and delivery are separated by a relatively long period of time. Most of the time, however, delivery does not occur, as most traders offset their positions with opposite contracts.


To relinquish possession of a security for transfer to another party.
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Leeds, who has been a taxidermist for 31 years, said his reputation as an artist, as well as his fast turnaround time in delivering the goods, are what keeps his clients loyal.
Sears suppliers are critical to the success of the company as we strive to make our stores even more focused on delivering the goods and services our customers expect," said Sears Chairman and CEO Alan J.
On the new album, produced with the usual sheen by contemporary country wizard Tony Brown, he's in terrific form, delivering the goods on such standouts as the rollicking roadhouse blues of ``One Dance With You,'' the syncopated Crescent City funk of ``Down to New Orleans,'' the sizzling guitar workout ``Tell Me Lover,'' as well as the gorgeous ballads ``Worlds Apart'' and ``You and You Alone.
Delivering the goods with next-generation arcade truck driving action, Acclaim Entertainment, Inc.