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The sale of a futures or forward contract may require the seller to deliver the commodity during the delivery month, if the short position is not offset prior to that time.


The transfer of a security or an underlying asset to a buyer. The term is often used in options, forward, and futures contracts, in which payment and delivery are separated by a relatively long period of time. Most of the time, however, delivery does not occur, as most traders offset their positions with opposite contracts.


To relinquish possession of a security for transfer to another party.
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The government of France were greatly enraged at the escape of their victim and spared no pains to detect and punish his deliverer.
Felix soon learned that the treacherous Turk, for whom he and his family endured such unheard-of oppression, on discovering that his deliverer was thus reduced to poverty and ruin, became a traitor to good feeling and honour and had quitted Italy with his daughter, insultingly sending Felix a pittance of money to aid him, as he said, in some plan of future maintenance.
He had his foot upon the breast of their sham deliverer, in the absence of a spare arm; and gave him a gentle roll as he spoke.
Jobs needed to meet the holiday rush include customer service representatives, parcel deliverers, retail sales and distribution warehouse staff.
This is an exciting opportunity to undertake research intended to inform future public service deliverers," said Dr Lloyd-Jones.
I would also like to thank my wonderful team of deliverers as well as my election agent as elections are always a team effort.
In TV ad The Deliverers, The E xpendables star gets up to work as a truck driver, transporting fresh loaves around the country.
In TV ad The Deliverers, The Expendables star gets up to work as a truck driver, transporting fresh loaves around the country.
I appreciated all the nice letters praising the efforts of the police, the fire fighters, the letter carriers, the newspaper deliverers, the snow-removal employees, and just everyday Americans who helped others who needed a helping hand.
We have immediate vacancies for newspaper deliverers, aged 13 or over, to distribute our papers in their neighbourhoods.
Students will owe more than PS27,000 after they graduate and they will have to make do as bar staff or leaflet deliverers whilst living with their parents, if they are lucky.
After all, it's management on the ground and the service deliverers themselves, namely the ambulance crews, who know the localities and have the best understanding of what is achievable.