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The sale of a futures or forward contract may require the seller to deliver the commodity during the delivery month, if the short position is not offset prior to that time.


The transfer of a security or an underlying asset to a buyer. The term is often used in options, forward, and futures contracts, in which payment and delivery are separated by a relatively long period of time. Most of the time, however, delivery does not occur, as most traders offset their positions with opposite contracts.


To relinquish possession of a security for transfer to another party.
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How long does it take for a marketplace to figure out that the promise makers and the promise deliverers aren't together?
Linden Hills' adaptation and revision of biblical motifs to imagine a Black woman deliverer is also evident in what reads as Naylor's recreation of the prophet John.
Developers tend to grow away from their customers; deliverers tend to burn out.
Sikhs "do not think in the eschatological terms of Christian theology" (69), and as immediate spiritual liberation is open to all Sikhs, there is little need for a coming deliverer.
The rhetorical strategy of the book is to be described as one of `entrapment': by the end of the series of deliverer stories the reader has already decided the nature of true leadership in terms of the fundamental need for covenantal integrity; in the double denouement this leadership is then identified as monarchic, and, insofar as both prologue and denouement promote Judah at the expense of Benjamin, the ideal leadership is that of a Judean king (David) rather than a Benjaminite (Saul).
Regarding the deliverer, "If, therefore, there exists what man needs to be delivered from and Humanism insists of optimism as the only appropriate attitude, there must be a quest for a 'deliverer' in some form or other, even if in this case the quest is a short one since it is found ready to hand in the resources of reason, science, free inquiry, and a belief in the control of nature and of man himself, all of which is deemed sufficient for overcoming human ills.
Maersk Deliverer will go to work for Total E&P Malaysia after completion of the previously announced contract with JX Nippon in Malaysia.
Police said the newspaper deliverer was trying to exit her car, but Craig M.
Like Reika and Hiro, Yamada was once a Deliverer, and warns that the Elders want to make an example of Hiro's defiance.
It enables community members to quickly find and order the best fitting delivery service based on the deliverer's actual location, as its e-commerce and mobile reverse-auction system enables members to purchase or request bids for the service 'live' and track the actual location of the deliverer in real-time on their web browser or cell phone.
Tony Rimmer, defending Mrs Morton, told Judge Warner: "She was acting as a custodian for the DVDs and deliverer to car boot sales.
A gray-robed John Vickery is equally menacing as a kind of carnival barker and, later, the deliverer of a fractured schizophrenic monologue.