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The sale of a futures or forward contract may require the seller to deliver the commodity during the delivery month, if the short position is not offset prior to that time.


The transfer of a security or an underlying asset to a buyer. The term is often used in options, forward, and futures contracts, in which payment and delivery are separated by a relatively long period of time. Most of the time, however, delivery does not occur, as most traders offset their positions with opposite contracts.


To relinquish possession of a security for transfer to another party.
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Motorhead are a band who play with a ferocity that is more akin to a force of nature, and they delivered the goods on the night.
MARK Williams delivered the goods under pressure in Shanghai to stay on course for the China Snooker Open title and his first trophy in almost 17 months.
This material requires a nice spacious environment to sound right, and this recording has delivered the goods, courtesy of Forde Abbey.