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The sale of a futures or forward contract may require the seller to deliver the commodity during the delivery month, if the short position is not offset prior to that time.


The transfer of a security or an underlying asset to a buyer. The term is often used in options, forward, and futures contracts, in which payment and delivery are separated by a relatively long period of time. Most of the time, however, delivery does not occur, as most traders offset their positions with opposite contracts.


To relinquish possession of a security for transfer to another party.
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Spam complaints are the biggest cause of deliverability problems.
The proposed enhancement will more than double firm deliverability from the Baker field to 240 MMcf/d.
Some surface equipment requires replacement to ensure that the well is in optimal condition and its deliverability confirmed.
Its working gas capacity makes up 450 million cubic meters and maximum deliverability 5 million cubic meters per day.
Mailing of bills and late notices as per USPS requirements for optimal postage discounts and deliverability Services contract may be issued for an initial contract period of three (3) years, renewable for three (3) one (1) year terms by mutual agreement.
Monroe Gas Storage Company LLC, a joint venture of Foothills Energy Ventures LLC and High Sierra Energy LP, announced a binding open season for up to 1.0 Bcf of firm, high deliverability storage capacity at its Monroe Gas Storage facility currently under construction near the city of Amory, MS.
The project provides Shell with more flexibility with offshore gas reserves in terms of development and deliverability.
The project required pipeline loops and expansions to compression and storage networks to provide an incremental 97,050 Dth/d of storage deliverability and associated firm pipeline transportation capacity to local gas distribution company customers in Virginia and Pennsylvania.
The DfT said the review will consider a number of factors relating to HS2, including its benefits, impacts, affordability, efficiency, deliverability, scope and phasing.
The objective of this commission is to support homes englands assessment of the deliverability and viability of the new bids to join the garden communities programme.
12 September 2018 - Texas, US-based full service email marketing agency, Trendline Interactive has acquired Georgia, US-based email deliverability provider Inbox Pros to strengthen presence as a full-service email marketing agency, the company said.