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The state of being late for a payment on a loan or other liability. If a payment is due on the third of each month and one does not pay until the ninth, the account is said to be in delinquency until the payment is made. Some liabilities have grace periods to allow for late periods up to a certain point without causing delinquency. A late fee may or may not be assessed on a delinquent payment. Serious and prolonged delinquency can lead to default.
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Past due.

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de la Fuente said that there are about 10,000 business and real property tax delinquents in Imus.
Deteriorated CE: Overcollateralization (excluding +91-days delinquent loans from the loan pool) was still negative at -172.3%, and -158.1% when excluding +180-days delinquent loans.
'This is good news for employees of delinquent employers who may soon avail of the condonation program and make themselves compliant with the social security law.
State's Top 500 Tax Delinquents Owe More Than $505M
To find out the relationship between Psychiatric illness and delinquent behaviour among inmates of orphanages.
If the delinquents really are the way they are perceived, then the proposed policies should work when put into practice.
Results indicated that EI is low in high delinquent tendencies group (t= 9.521, p less than .001).
Though a broken family can also affect youngsters, some 68 per cent of delinquent children however were found to have lived in stable families.
Youth who have shown delinquent behavior such as stealing, illicit drug use and problems in school should be encouraged to take part in community drug and alcohol prevention programs, according to research presented at APHA's Annual Meeting.
If we intended to provide adequate rationale of the origins of delinquent conduct, gaining knowledge of the risk factors will require understanding all of the penetrating and complex theories existing in this regard.
One significant headwind facing the housing market recovery is the persistently high levels of seriously delinquent mortgages.
Delinquent behavior and affiliation with delinquent peers were also associated with alcohol use.