delayed opening

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Delayed opening

Postponement of the start of trading in a stock until correction of a gross imbalance in buy and sell orders. Such an imbalance is likely to follow on the heels of a significant event such as a takeover offer. See: Suspended trading.

Delayed Opening

A situation in which security does not open for trade by an exchange's management or by regulators. The opening on a security is delayed usually in order to discourage volatility. It happens especially when there is an exceptionally large number of buy or sell orders relative to their opposite. This may happen immediately following an announcement of good or bad news. Opening remains delayed until the imbalance is corrected. See also: Suspended Trading.

delayed opening

An intentional delay in the opening transaction of a particular security. Generally, the delay occurs when unexpected developments before the opening make it difficult for the specialist to match buy and sell orders.
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The complaints included the delayed opening of some polling stations, the continuation of electoral campaigning and attempts to influence voters.
Delayed Opening Child Care: Open to students enrolled in the Before Care Program at Stony Brook and Whiton Schools.
SGX said the delayed opening is to enable member firms to complete client position reconciliations, and rectify any errors in the end-of-day processing for Dec.
local time at most polling centers, but some delayed opening by as much as three hours because of rain and late deliveries of polling materials.
In New Jersey, the heaviest snow was reported in the southern part of the state, where many schools were closed or delayed opening.
It was due to open in April after three years of delayed opening dates, but there is still no indication of when it will be completed.
The school was delayed opening because of the declaration of war on September 3, 1939.
Kim Jong-hyun, head of LG Chem's battery division, confirmed that the delayed opening was because of lower than expected demand for electric vehicles.
As the main user of the new airport, as the airport operator and as an airline contracting the services of many companies to work at the airport, Qatar Airways has every legal right to pursue compensation claims for the delayed opening of the New Doha International Airport," said al-Baker.
The Egyptian Coalition for Referendum Monitoring, a non-governmental group of watchdogs, said the voting in 17 provinces had been marred by illegal canvassing based on religious slogans, mass voting, lack of full judicial oversight and delayed opening of polling stations.
Air Berlin Sues Over Delayed Opening of BerlinOs New Airport Air Berlin sued Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg GmbH, the operator of the German capitalOs airport, for what could amount to tens of millions of euros over a 16- month delay to the opening of the airlineOs new hub.
A COUNCIL leader has apologised for the delayed opening of the final phase of a pounds 6 million leisure complex.
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