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The information in a deed that will precisely identify the land being conveyed, in such a manner that it cannot be confused with any other land.It is not appropriate to use a street address or a tax parcel identification number in a deed,except as additional information to aid in the description.There are three predominant types of description:

• Metes and bounds. Includes an independently verifiable starting point, distances of lines and directions, and angles between lines.

• Aliquot parts. Uses portions of one or more sections (640 acres), half sections (320 acres), quarter sections (160 acres), or quarter-quarter sections (40 acres).

• Subdivision plat. Makes reference to subdivision plats, such as “Lot 9, Block 3 according to the plat or map of Sunny Acres as recorded in the County records at Plat Book 182, Page 79.”

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She came, dressed in the simple white and blue trimmed garment of the Sisters of Charity, a face so beautiful that it defied description, and dark brown sparkling eyes with a radiant smile that captured your attention, and warmed your heart.
There is a small group of Orthodox Jews who happen to be gay and, for reasons that have previously defied description, wish to remain part of the one sect of Judaism that rejects them utterly.
But what came next almost defied description and for Wednesday it could prove so costly.
It was spread over acres, filled buildings, and, to sum up, defied description.