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"A defibrillator will not work unless a person is in cardiac arrest - therefore, you cannot hurt someone with a defibrillator."
"I'm pleading with the head teachers of every school and nursery in Halton to get a defibrillator fitted."
Thornhill has become the latest rural village to install potential life-saving community public access defibrillators.
"Currently if your child's school does not have a defibrillator and the worst was to happen they would only have a 6% chance of survival with CPR alone, with a defibrillator in place that statistic increases to 70% which is incredible.
Visit the Defibrillators Market 2013-2020 report at
The transvenous-implantable cardioverter defibrillator (T-ICDs) segment accounted for about 95% of the overall ICD market in 2015, as these are the most commonly used ICD's for the treatment of heart disorders for higher precision and targeted functioning.
Since 2005, defibrillator manufacturers have conducted more than 100 recalls, affecting more than 2 million devices, FDA reported.
To take part in this scheme, a parish council can buy the phone box from BT for 1 [pounds sterling] and then raise funds to purchase the defibrillator, which costs approx.
THE family of tragic Boyzone singer Stephen Gately are backing a campaign to put defibrillators in sports centres across Scotland.
Our aim was to raise awareness of Sudden Cardiac Arrest WPFG BOSS JOHN TULL on school competition a defibrillator.
"In these patients, the wearable defibrillator is a non-invasive 'insurance policy' against sudden arrest during their vulnerable period," he said.