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Colgate is among the institutions that are making progress on deferred maintenance.
However, unlike new project funding, deferred maintenance funding has been unpredictable from year to year.
Unless you can calculate the consequences of deferred maintenance, your rationale for funding isn't likely to be very persuasive.
Years of deferred maintenance also resulted in the loss of two AEM-7 electric engines," he says.
Tenders are invited for Elementary school deferred maintenance early exterior wall and partial plumbing.
For the current study, institutions evaluated education and general (E&G) buildings on their campuses using an assessment format established in the original deferred maintenance study conducted in 1994.
These challenges create a cloud of deferred maintenance that detracts from curb appeal and that turns off prospective and current students and parents who are left wondering if their institution of choice might meet its end before their appointed commencement day.
This could result in deferred maintenance of the target housing, possibly creating greater lead hazards.
The city's goal is to revitalize the neighborhood, since the property on which the homes will be built has a long history of deferred maintenance and code enforcement violations.
In the past decade, there has been rising concern about the consequences of accumulated deferred maintenance.