deferred annuity

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Deferred Annuity

An annuity in which the annuitant does not begin to receive payments until some future date. A deferred annuity has two phases: a savings phase and an income phase. During the savings phase, the annuitant places money into the annuity, which invests it on behalf of the annuitant. In the income phase, the annuitant receives payments. It is important to note that a deferred annuity is not taxed until the income phase begins. It also pays a death benefit to the survivor(s) of the annuitant. Nearly all retirement plans are deferred annuities. See also: IRA, 401(k).
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deferred annuity

An annuity that is not scheduled to begin payments until a given date. These annuities may be purchased with a single payment or, as is more often the case, with a series of periodic payments. Deferred annuities are most commonly purchased by individuals who want to make periodic payments during their working lives in order to receive monthly or annual income payments from the annuities during their retirement. Compare immediate annuity. See also periodic purchase deferred contract, single-premium deferred annuity.
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Deferred annuity.

A deferred annuity contract allows you to accumulate tax-deferred earnings during the term of the contract and sometimes add assets to your contract over time. In contrast, an immediate annuity starts paying you income right after you buy.

Your deferred annuity earnings can be either fixed or variable, depending on the way your money is invested.

Deferred annuities are designed primarily as retirement savings accounts, so you may owe a penalty if you withdraw principal, earnings, or both before you reach age 59 1/2.

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For the deferred annuity option, the relevant period is 10 years.
Jones has chosen five investment subaccounts from among those available in his variable deferred annuity. He has directed that each premium payment (after deduction for contract charges) be allocated to these accounts as follows:
Allianz Life's Allianz 222 Annuity indexed annuity was the best-selling product in both the indexed annuity and non-variable deferred annuity for overall sales during the quarter.
This can help determine if an immediate or deferred annuity should be positioned.
Recently, the IRS has also issued a Private Letter Ruling allowing the beneficiary of an inherited deferred annuity to do an IRS Section 135 tax free exchange from an older, inherited annuity to a more contemporary contract offering better terms than the older contract.
Client could purchase a "non-qualified SPIA" as part of a section 1035 exchange from an existing non-qualified deferred annuity currently worth $200,000.
For example, Question 353 provides a general description of an annuity product and differentiates between the treatment of an immediate annuity contract and a deferred annuity contract.
Panama City, Panama, October 31, 2012 --( Lloydshare Limited continues to add its presence on the Pacific Coast of Mexico by announcing Marival Vacation Club as one of its most recent Host Resorts to promote the Vacation Ownership linked Deferred Annuity financial product to vacation membership clients.
The association is also to meet Bank Negara Malaysia and the Finance Ministry on the 2013 Budget proposal to remove investment income tax on deferred annuity, and the introduction of new group insurance schemes.
Prior to this ruling, there was a concern that the spousal consent requirement might apply to a 401(k) participant who invested in a deferred annuity. The ruling clarifies the situations in which spousal consent will not be required before the annuity begins, thereby eliminating another obstacle for plan sponsors who want to use deferred annuities.
Client transfers cash to the trustee of the trust who purchases a deferred annuity contract with the estate owner as the annuitant.