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A deed is a written document that transfers ownership of land or other real estate from the owner, also known as the grantor, to the buyer, or grantee.

The form a deed takes varies from place to place, but the overall structure and the provisions it contains are the same. The description of the property being transferred is always included.

When you use a mortgage to purchase the property that's being transferred by deed, you may receive the deed at the time of purchase, with the lender holding a lien on the property. Or the deed may belong to the lender until you have paid off the mortgage.

In either case, a deed's creation must be witnessed and should be recorded with the appropriate local authority to ensure its validity.

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A written document properly signed,acknowledged,and delivered,and bearing a description of specific property and words of conveyance for that property.

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Mrs Madobe said the title deeds will help the community in its transformation to modernity."We can now use these titles to get loans to educate our children so that the community can transform for the better.
'The ministry has been very difficult to deal with because they have not processed the title deeds. We have no title deeds as of today and they are not cooperating not only with this committee but also with the public," Kiragu said.
* Life Estate and Enhanced Life Deeds Offer Viable Alternatives to a Titleholder Who Wants to Retain Ownership or Control Over Real Property, But Also Wants to Avoid Leaving the Burden of Probate on His or Her Heirs--Property owners often want to retain possession and control of their real estate while they are alive, which is usually the motive for not delivering deeds conveying title to the grantees until after their death.
The lawsuit on behalf of the Deeds family alleged that Michael Gentry, a mental health evaluator with the Rockbridge Area Community Services Board, stopped looking after he was unable to promptly locate a placement for Gus.
The officer raised unnecessary objections even over correct deeds to mint money and had appointed Shah to clear the deeds over which he raised objections.
Quist solicitor was provided with explicit Cam-scam copies of the trust deeds, said the officer, adding that the Quist solicitor forwarded trust deeds to Redlay for forensic analysis.
In parallel to these distributions of deeds, handing over of 'Pooja Bhumi' title-deeds for 3 temples for the development of the Buddha Sasana, allocation of a land for a mosque to further strengthen religious reconciliation, distribution of 14 deeds for state institutions to enhance efficiency and giving lands for the use of schools will also be held.
Radley deposed that he received a copy of a set of two trust deeds from 'Quist Solicitors' London, one pertained to Neilson and Nescol (BVI Companies) owning Avenfield properties, whereas the other pertained to Coomber (BVI Company) comprising three pages each.
Contrary to what they agreed upon, the deed of absolute sale provides, among others, that Rey acknowledged receipt of the purchase price in full and that the entire Mabolo property was sold to Mon.
TWO WAYS TO LET YOUR HOME DEEDS property also offer two different ways to let your home, depending on which suits your needs best.
I paid for my deeds in full about three weeks before the law was applied, at no stage was I advised by my property developer or indeed the Land Registry Office to delay my payment due to the impending change in the law.