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A deed is a written document that transfers ownership of land or other real estate from the owner, also known as the grantor, to the buyer, or grantee.

The form a deed takes varies from place to place, but the overall structure and the provisions it contains are the same. The description of the property being transferred is always included.

When you use a mortgage to purchase the property that's being transferred by deed, you may receive the deed at the time of purchase, with the lender holding a lien on the property. Or the deed may belong to the lender until you have paid off the mortgage.

In either case, a deed's creation must be witnessed and should be recorded with the appropriate local authority to ensure its validity.


A written document properly signed,acknowledged,and delivered,and bearing a description of specific property and words of conveyance for that property.

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The principal advantage to borrowers is that they are immediately released from any personal indebtedness associated with the defaulted loan (in the amount of the value of the deeded property).
No definitive list of valid Murphy deed reservations exists and no effort was made to specifically identify the location of Murphy deeded land in relation to the existing and planned state roads.
It was deeded separately to the city for purposes of becoming part of Griffith Park.