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The Board of Directors motion to authorize dividend payments.


1. An announcement by the board of directors of a publicly-traded company that it will issue a dividend. See also: Declaration date, Ex-dividend date.

2. More generally, any formal announcement that a person or activity intends to undertake a certain activity. Sometimes regulators require companies to make declarations of actions like a hostile takeover attempt. This is intended to increase transparency in the market.


The legal document a condominium developer must file in order to create the vehicle for condominium ownership. All states have fairly similar laws setting out the requirements for what must be in the declaration. They are sometimes called uniform condominium acts or horizontal property acts.

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They were supposed to submit declarations of the amount of money received from or paid to a political party which awarded the ticket to the candidate.
The exporters will be able to apply directly to the customs service to fill in the declaration for them.
While this seeks to mitigate revenue leakages, the system will also give an opportunity to importers to validate their declarations done by clearing agents before they are submitted to customs.
TAP) -- The draft law on the declaration of assets, the fight against illicit enrichment and conflicts of interests in the public sector is generally acceptable, although it has some shortcomings, said Mohamed Ayadi, member of the National Anti-Corruption Authority (INLUCC).
L'absence d'une structure de controle du blanchiment d'argent au sein de cette profession, la quasi-absence des declarations de soupcon et le manque de tracabilite des flux financiers constituent autant de defis importants necessitant la mise en place d'une unite d'autocontrole et l'instauration de systemes de verification des documents d'identite des clients.
While announcing the details of IDS on Saturday, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley too had stressed that no break- up of the declarations on the basis of trades/ cities/ states would be released in order to ensure absolute secrecy with respect to the identity of the declarants.
Accordingly, the counters for receiving declarations under the Income Declaration Scheme - 2016 shall be functional till 12:00 midnight on 30th September, 2016.
Madlos said the order would be in force while they await a reciprocal ceasefire declaration from the communist umbrella group National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP).
The council also stated that implementing such declarations nationally is up to the discretion of the state.
Islamabad -- The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) has extended the date upto 30th November for submitting of the Declaration regarding dual citizenship.
While a formal declaration was once deemed a necessary legal prerequisite to war and was thought to terminate diplomatic and commercial relations and most treaties between the combatants, declarations have fallen into disuse since World War II.
Improving the funding of horseracing is a huge issue in Britain and, as Howard says, 48-hour declarations can be an important contributing element in this quest.

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