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The Board of Directors motion to authorize dividend payments.
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1. An announcement by the board of directors of a publicly-traded company that it will issue a dividend. See also: Declaration date, Ex-dividend date.

2. More generally, any formal announcement that a person or activity intends to undertake a certain activity. Sometimes regulators require companies to make declarations of actions like a hostile takeover attempt. This is intended to increase transparency in the market.
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The legal document a condominium developer must file in order to create the vehicle for condominium ownership. All states have fairly similar laws setting out the requirements for what must be in the declaration. They are sometimes called uniform condominium acts or horizontal property acts.

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Holness said that one element of the framework is the publishing of the summary financial position of the Parliamentary leaders of the country, saying 'the first publishing acts as the benchmark against which future declarations can be judged.
Justice Umar Ata Bandial remarked that a court declaration regarding
In most cases, the data attracts little more than general curiosity, such as the declaration by current Prime Minister Imran Khan that he owns four goats, but is not considered of much value beyond this.
The component party in the ruling Pakatan Harapan (PH) also acknowledged the need for a moderate 'new vision' for Malaysia and reiterated its commitment to nation building in a statement it dubbed the New Malaysia Declaration following their national conference yesterday,
The Columbia Association filed a claim for the unpaid assessments under the Declaration, alleging that the assessments had priority over the deed of trust.
Sumanthiran said that he hopes that more MPs will come forward and made their asset declarations public.
The INLUCC has already begun to issue written warnings to persons whose names appear on the database of persons concerned by the declaration of property in accordance with article 14 of the Law on the Declaration of Assets and Interests and the Fight against Illicit Enrichment and Conflict of Interest, according to the same source.
The aim of introduction of universal declaration campaign is fight against shadow economy and corrupt practices, he said.
'Local governments treat tax declarations as revenue but the cost of damage to the environment is more than the collected tax,' he said.
The exporters will be able to apply directly to the customs service to fill in the declaration for them.

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