declaration date

Declaration date

The date on which a firm's directors meet and announce the date and amount of the next dividend.
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Declaration Date

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declaration date

The date on which a firm's directors meet and announce the date and amount of the next dividend. Following the declaration, dividends become a legal liability of the firm. See also ex-dividend date, interest dates, record date.
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The payout represents an annual yield of 2.9% based on the closing price of the company's stock on the dividend declaration date.
The Canadian dollar equivalent of the quarterly dividend is based on the Bank of Canada daily average exchange rate on the day before the declaration date.
As a result of the expected listing, VCIF's dividend cycle has been adjusted to an end of the month declaration date and mid-month payment date.
As per Article 321 of the Company Law, no claim against the liquidator concerning the liquidation activities shall be heard after the expiry of three years from the declaration date of the end of liquidation and no claims against the partners based on the company activities or against the managers, board members or auditors based on the acts done in pursuance of their functions, shall be heard after such period.
Fox stated, "Based on continued stability in earning results in the latest quarter, we are pleased to declare a dividend for the fourth quarter of 2018 which represents an annualized yield of 3.1% based on the closing price of our stock on the dividend declaration date. It is our goal to continue to pay a reasonable dividend without disrupting the delicate balance we must maintain between the payment of a dividend to shareholders and remaining a well-capitalized institution, which is critical in our dedicated efforts to continue building long term value for shareholders".
According to the candidate, San Bdr Monger, he was to be declared as the DPT candidate from Sompangkha constituency as per the declaration date, which was set right after the National Council elections 2018.
An affidavit deposed to by the plaintiff's aide, Adebayo Oloyin, stated in part, 'That it is a common sense that collation date will always precede declaration date as the collation dictates declaration of results.'
Bien sur, on n'est pas oblige de croire l'agent sur parole d'autant plus que cette declaration date d'il y a une dizaine de jours, soit avant la debandade essuyee par les Merengue lors du Clasico (0-4).
The barcode also contains information that includes the product's Customs duty value, Customs declaration date, statistical declaration and the Customs point it is moved through.
The test period begins on the fifth trading day subsequent to the dividend declaration date (i.e., d = 5, where d = 0 is the declaration date) and continues through the later of the ex-dividend date or d = 49.
American officials say he will try to persuade Arafat not to press the May 4 declaration date.

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