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The Board of Directors motion to authorize dividend payments.
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1. An announcement by the board of directors of a publicly-traded company that it will issue a dividend. See also: Declaration date, Ex-dividend date.

2. More generally, any formal announcement that a person or activity intends to undertake a certain activity. Sometimes regulators require companies to make declarations of actions like a hostile takeover attempt. This is intended to increase transparency in the market.
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The legal document a condominium developer must file in order to create the vehicle for condominium ownership. All states have fairly similar laws setting out the requirements for what must be in the declaration. They are sometimes called uniform condominium acts or horizontal property acts.

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"The mission now is to begin promoting the principles contained in the Istanbul Declaration and actively begin taking steps to implement them," Frank Delmonico, MD, chair of the Beirut meeting told Transplant News.
Montreal lawyer and international human rights activist, Paul Joffe, prepared the report, which was released on the evening of the Declaration's second anniversary.
The original joint security declaration was signed in 1996 by Hashimoto and Bill Clinton, the husband of Hillary Clinton.
Dr Sayed Mohammad Amin Fatimie Minister of the Public Health signed the declaration in the presence of the Assistant Regional Director of Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of World Health Organization (WHO) Abdullah Salih Assadi.
A spokesman said: "Hill farmers who have not received a copy of the explanatory literature, but who would like to claim HFA 2007, are advised to request a copy of the booklet and the declaration form from the RPA Customer Service Centre (CSC) by telephoning 0845 603 7777.
In a Twitter message coinciding with the release of his statutory declaration he wrote that under his administration Jamaica now 'has one of the most advanced and robust anti-corruption framework certainly in this region'.
Every electoral candidate provides a declaration to the returning officer and
'A goods declaration may be for consumption, for customs bonded warehousing, for admission, for conditional importation, or for customs transit,' Section 50 of the law said.
Previous declarations were the Setapak Declaration (1967), Petaling Jaya Declaration (1981) Tanjong Declaration (1991) Shah Alam Declaration (2012), and [email protected] Declaration (2016).
Private parties and governmental agencies have long regarded the lien of the assessments under the Declaration as having first priority, subordinate only to taxes and similar governmental charges.
It was noted that there are Azerbaijani-Belarusian relations are at a high level, and the approval of this declaration will make an important contribution to the development of relations between the two countries.

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