dealer market

Dealer market

Where traders specializing in particular commodities buy and sell assets for their own accounts.
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Dealer Market

The market for traders who are trading on their own accounts, as opposed to traders to conduct transactions on behalf of clients. Dealer markets exist to create the greatest liquidity possible for other transactions. One of the most prominent dealer markets is NASDAQ. See also: Dealer, Broker-dealer.
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dealer market

A market in which securities are bought and sold through a network of dealers who buy, sell, and take positions in various security issues. Compare auction market, open outcry.
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The negative outlooks reflect an increasingly challenging operating environment within its core credit insurance product line mainly due to intense competition from other products that compete for shelf space in the auto dealer market, unfavorable auto industry trends and regulatory changes.
We try to focus on just a few categories at each Dealer Market to ensure we really cover those well.
Dealer Market Exchange has unveiled a new take on how dealers, car makers, vendors and consumers may all soon be doing business together on blockchain.
Auto Business News-July 10, 2018--FCA US launches new dealer market investment program
M2 EQUITYBITES-July 10, 2018--FCA US launches new dealer market investment program
Rough diamond prices on dealer market and at auctions were down in September as trading slowed ahead of the Diwali festival.
Better service and faster delivery were a big reason for the move, and now that Carbon Tech has done it, 80 percent of their dealer market base will receive their shafts in two to three shipping days, as opposed to the six days it took when the company was in California.
C[pounds sterling]Our success in the Retail & dealer market is proof of the fact that our technological innovation is backed by good channel management and the right product and pricing mix,C[yen] Bakshi said.
Formerly a major account and dealer market manager with Steelcase and vice president of interiors for MSL, Howard joined Waldner's Business Environments in June 2006.
Firms face a trade-off between the low' transaction costs of an auction market (NYSE) and the marketing advantages of a dealer market (Nasdaq).
Brock and Kleidon (1992), McInish and Wood (1992), and Chan, Chung and Johnson (1995) analyse intraday patterns in quoted bid-ask spreads on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), which is organised as a specialist dealer market. They all document a U-shaped pattern in intraday quoted bid-ask spreads, which mirror patterns in intraday volume and volatility--two well known determinants of bid-ask spreads.
Economists debate the merits of two commonly adopted organizational forms: auction and dealer market structures.