dealer market

Dealer market

Where traders specializing in particular commodities buy and sell assets for their own accounts.

Dealer Market

The market for traders who are trading on their own accounts, as opposed to traders to conduct transactions on behalf of clients. Dealer markets exist to create the greatest liquidity possible for other transactions. One of the most prominent dealer markets is NASDAQ. See also: Dealer, Broker-dealer.

dealer market

A market in which securities are bought and sold through a network of dealers who buy, sell, and take positions in various security issues. Compare auction market, open outcry.
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The electronic Nasdaq, the nation's second-largest stock market and home to fast-growing computer and technology companies, is a dealer market.
Telecom Optimization Partners, partners with Dealer Market Place to audit and optimize voice and data services for their members including 570 Automobile Dealerships across the United States.
Dealer Market Place partnered with Telecom Optimization Partners ("TOPs") on a no-risk, contingency basis to do a complete audit of their members' services including:
TOPs, a telecom expense management company, is now an exclusive vendor for Dealer Market Place and its members who seek cost reduction solutions for their telecommunications services.
WASHINGTON, April 14 /PRNewswire/ -- Trading in the over-the-counter dealer market where professional orders can trade ahead of public customer orders is costly to public investors, American Stock Exchange Chairman James R.
He said exchange studies show that in 1992 customers with orders executed in the dealer market incurred significant added costs over the costs they would have incurred if they had traded in the auction market.
It is essential that fundamental auction market protections be extended to investors trading in off-exchange dealer markets, Jones said, declaring that the structure of the equities markets should be determined by "competition among market participants that is conducted on a level playing field produced by equal standards of investor protection in all markets.
The company's product line will be integrated into MHCP, a producer of educational materials for the mass retail and educational dealer markets.