dead cat bounce

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Dead cat bounce

A small upmove in a bear market.
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Dead Cat Bounce

Slang; a small rally after a significant decline. The term implies that the decline will continue and will be sustained. For example, if a stock price drops from $150 to $125, then rises to $130, then drops to $110, the rise is said to be a dead cat bounce.
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dead cat bounce

A sharp and likely temporary rise in the market price of a stock following an extensive decline.
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It is not a sign of long-term health: after all, even a dead cat bounces if thrown from a height that's high enough.
Solid (or at least, steady) results, combined with strong regional fundamentals that Mexican blue chips enjoy, may ensure that this dead cat bounces right back onto its feet.
Still, so much unanswered buying has left a rather large nagging doubt--is this rally a "dead cat bounce?" Such a strong rally has left plenty of room below, and with investors worldwide still jumpy (as well as the susceptibility of financial markets to panic-selling), a return of the bears cannot be discarded should any bad news break.