dead cat bounce

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Dead cat bounce

A small upmove in a bear market.

Dead Cat Bounce

Slang; a small rally after a significant decline. The term implies that the decline will continue and will be sustained. For example, if a stock price drops from $150 to $125, then rises to $130, then drops to $110, the rise is said to be a dead cat bounce.

dead cat bounce

A sharp and likely temporary rise in the market price of a stock following an extensive decline.
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It's a dead cat bounce, nothing more," Sandeep Singhal, co-head of institutional equities at Emkay Global Financial Services, said in an interview in Mumbai.
A dead cat bounce is a term used by traders when a spectacular decline in a stock is followed almost immediately by a moderate rise in the share price before the share resumes its downward trend.
But the market is quite oversold and we saw a one day reversal this past week, suggesting that a dead cat bounce is possible here.
The programme features sketches from stars such as Dead Cat Bounce, Damo & Ivor, Darby the Leprechaun and Handy Sandie.
Joining them on an impressive line-up are Eric Lalor, Jarlath Regan, Dead Cat Bounce, Kevin McAleer, Karl Spain, Patrick McDonnell, The Nualas, Fred Cooke, Ursula Burns, Rory O Hanlon Foil Arms and Hog, the Steve Frost Improv Allstars and many more.
Talking twin babies and more comedy with Dead Cat Bounce made up the rest of our top five.
The line-up includes Ardal o'Hanlon, Dom irrera, neil Delamere, PJ Gallagher, Andrew Maxwell, Dead Cat Bounce, Maeve Higgins, Aidan Bishop and many more.
GIGGLES Jennifer Maguire & comedy band Dead Cat Bounce DAME FOR A LAUGH ZJennifer Maguire helps launch Vodafone Comedy Festival in Dublin yesterday
ALUMINIUM: The markets rose slightly at first last Monday to a high of $1,471 but the panic fund buying had disappeared and so, lacking any support, the three-month price fell back to a low of $1,374 on Wednesday before a dead cat bounce produced a short lived recovery to a $1,405 close.
Irishman Damien Owens setting the scene in his intriguingly titled debut novel Dead Cat Bounce (Flame, pounds 10).
What was described as a dead cat bounce produced a recovery to $8120 on Wednesday before the downward path was again followed to a low of $7830 on Friday at which level the market closed for a $460 loss over the week.
Carlsberg Comedy Carnival will also feature the best home grown comedy talent including Des Bishop, Jason Byrne, Apres Match, Tommy Tiernan, PJ Gallagher, Dermot Whelan, Andrew Maxwell, Ardal O'Hanlon, Colin Murphy, David O'Doherty, Ed Byrne, Dead Cat Bounce, Maeve Higgins, Neil Delamere and Jarlath Regan to name just a few.