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A situation in which a company sells one or more of its subsidiaries. Shareholders in the original company are usually given the same proportion of shares in the newly independent company. See also: Spin-off, Divestiture.


the break-up of a company, often originally formed through a MERGER, into two (or more) separate companies. This is most easily achieved when the original businesses comprising the merger have continued to be run as separate divisions of the enlarged group. In this case, for example, the A-B company could be split into separate quoted companies, A and B, with the company's existing shareholders being given shares in both companies. Thus, unlike a DIVESTMENT (the sale of a division to outside interests) or a MANAGEMENT BUY-OUT (the sale of a division to its existing management), initially at least the companies continue to be owned by their existing shareholders.

A de-merger may occur because the merged company has failed to perform up to expectations because of internal conflicts of management, or result from a rethink of the company's BUSINESS STRATEGY favouring a concentration on ‘core’ businesses.

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Under the terms of the proposal, the company would retain direct majority control of the paints business by separating it into a new legal entity called AkzoNobel Pakistan Limited through a de-merger process approved by the shareholders of ICI Pakistan and sanctioned by the Pakistani courts.
AkzoNobel would retain direct majority control of the paints business by separating it into a new legal entity--AkzoNobel Pakistan Limited--through a de-merger process approved by the Pakistani courts.
Employees have had a challenging 18 months that have included a de-merger from its previous sister company SCM Pharma, the sale of the business to new owners and the external pressures of the recession.
A significant part of this change is the de-merger and transfer of Engros expanding fertilizer business into a separate wholly owned subsidiary, named Engro Fertilizers Limited.
Earlier he was the CFO of The Australian Gas Light Company, acting as its interim CEO during its de-merger process in 2006.
6m due to the increased activity following the de-merger from Norwegian pharma company Photocure ASA (OSL: PHO) in 2008.
A senior partner involved in the de-merger of a Stockton law firm has claimed the move will not spark a flurry of legal firms going private.
Shareholders in Friends Provident have voted overwhelmingly in favour of the de-merger of Friends' 52 per cent of F& C Asset Management, clearing the way for many of the life company's 700,000 shareholders to receive cash instead of F& C shares.
We were brought in as consultants after the fact to help Firm D solve its staffing shortages as a result of the de-merger.
This report indicated that there was a de-merger in August 2001, when Woolworths was detached from the retail conglomerate Kingfisher.
It said it would decide on the proposed de-merger of its Trillium outsourcing and infrastructure business when market conditions were right.
These shares are to be transferred to Agrupacion Aeroportuaria Internacional SA de CV, which is an entity controlled by Chico Pardo, pursuant to a De-Merger Letter Agreement between Chico Pardo and ITA's other shareholder, Copenhagen Airports A/S.