dated date

Dated date

The date one uses to calculate accrued interest on various debt instruments, specifically bonds.

Dated Date

The date on which interest begins to accrue on a bond or other fixed-income security. The dated date is usually the date on which coupon payments are made, or, in the case of the first dated date, the issue date. If one buys a fixed-income security between dated dates, one must compensate the seller for all interest that has accrued in addition to the purchase price. See also: Dirty price.

dated date

The date on which a newly issued bond begins to accrue interest. The buyer of a bond in the primary market must pay the issuer interest accruing between the dated date and the settlement date in addition to the principal amount of bonds purchased. This additional interest is returned to the buyer when the issuer makes the first interest payment. For example, a new bond issue with a dated date of July 1 and a settlement date of July 20 would require purchasers to pay 19 days' interest in addition to the face value of the bonds. Also called issue date.
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the Request for Proposal dated DATE, including all related addenda (the RFP );
the Contractor%s sealed proposal in its entirety, dated DATE (the Contractor s Proposal ).Both the RFP and the Contractor s Proposal are made a part this Contract as if the